Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Kaipaan jo Suomea ( I miss Finland already)

December 29, 2014

Well Folks, This is the last shebang. Wow, has this been an amazing roller coaster. I will forever and ever be grateful and indebted to the Lord for letting me serve in His army in the fine land of Finland. Reflecting back, I definitely am not the same Sisar Hübner that left on a mission. The Lord has shaped and molded me in the palm of His hands, and though I still have much more left to do and grow I feel as if He has given me wings to fly.

No longer do I feel tied down with fear, or worry. Just peace and love. Though I know the peace and love only lasts when the prayers I express daily to the Lord for strength in those areas. Isn’t prayer such a cool thing, if you have hope and faith, and are willing to do some work, the creator of the Universe, will answer. He will talk. He will shower down love because, that in fact, is His biggest wish. I love Him. I am grateful for Him and the gifts He freely gives us.

This week was an amazing Christmas. It was spent with all the people that I love and will keep in my heart into the eternities. They have changed my life, they have opened my love, and perspective. I have no idea who I would be without them. I’m so grateful that I was able to serve in Oulu, and Tampere. I love this beautiful land.

Last night it hit me, I only have a couple days left as a full time missionary in Finland. Then all the questions came to mind of have I done enough, have I learned enough. This blanket of joy just landed on me, that spread through me from my fingertips to my toes. That I am where I am supposed to be, I have my sights set on the Savior and coming closer to Him and focusing now and always on the people around me to help build them and bring them closer to this amazing, delicious, incredible, unfathomable, light. All because of Him.

Yesterday, my last time in church us four missionaries did a musical number in Finnish of Dear to the Heart of the Shepherd after which I was able to bear my testimony. I actually cant remember anything I said in my testimony but I did share the lyrics of the second verse with the congregation that I have grown to love and which lyrics I would like to share with you all.

 Dear to the heart of the Shepherd,
Dear are the lambs of his fold;
Some from the pastures are straying,
Hungry and helpless and cold.
See, the Good Shepherd is seeking,
Seeking the lambs that are lost,
Bringing them in with rejoicing,
Saved at such infinite cost.

This is the message that fill my heart. Of which I am eternally grateful that He had enough mercy to rescue me, I want to labor all my days to help Him bring in the others which have strayed.

I love being a missionary. I love my Savior.


Sisar Hubner

P:S. Watch out world---this sister missionary is coming back hitting the streets of the big US of A, weirder and awkwarder than ever but ohh so full of joy from the gospel......MISSION ACCOMPLISHED (;
After a freezing bike ride back home----brrrr... even the hair freezes,
but wow isn’t it beautiful!

My angels that I love!!

Christmas Eve
Christmas Dinner

Christmas Fun!

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Hyvää Joulua!!! (Merry Christmas)

What an amazing time to be serving as a full time missionary in the blessed land of Finland. My heart is so full! I love the beautiful snow that is everywhere that lightens up the skies. I love our members that have given so freely to us in opening their houses and precious family time for us during this Christmas season. I love our recent converts that love the gospel so much and are willing to do anything to share it with their friends and family. I love the little contacts on the street that maybe don’t end with people setting up a time to learn more, but that still walk away with a smile on their face.

I have found the greatest joys lay within trusting the Savior enough to give my obedience to Him, and to pray for the love that He feels for His Children. I has opened my world to another spectrum.

Seriously a mission is the best thing ever. Just because the nametag is coming off soon doesn’t mean that it will ever come off my heart. I think the two biggest things I have learned is that I have had a little taste tester of the potential of How AMAZING the gospel is and feels- free from guilt, free from fear, free from feelings of doubt, tied to the Savior. It literally is the best feeling in the world and I want it now, all day, everyday, till the day I die....and even after that. I loved the talk from general conference "Which Way are We Facing?"

I have been thinking about the talk and video from President Dieter F. Uchtdorf about the man who saved up for the cruise and limited himself from enjoying all the free food, and parties because of lack of understanding. I keep checking myself and making sure that I am not living under my potential of happiness as a member, as a missionary, as a Daughter of God? Are we living as members the gospel through a worldly perspective, or through an eternal perspective- one really sucks and feels pretty small and lonely, the other has no bounds, no fears, just BLISS.

This week was another one for the books. First off we have a new friend from Panama that lived in NEW YORK!!! love that place--get this he even has a New York vibe! and he reminds me of Aunt Patricia and her kids! He is the coolest and came to church and LOVE IT!

We have been singing a lot to our friends and random people about the birth of Christ and seriously it just never gets old, and it has been opening doors that were never opened before because of HIM and the power of the Holy Ghost to open hearts! We also had our ward Christmas party this week and they did it a little different instead of having JouluPukki- the Santa Clause- but rather made it all about Christ and the nativity with traditional Finnish Christmas food it was so great, and one so many less actives came and the spirit just felt like home- so many smiles and just pure joy. Also our member friend invited his friend to come sing a song with him, and it was so cool because I was able to talk with her and she is now a new investigator and is coming to a church tour next week!

A lesson I have learned this week is that it really all is about the attitude and perspective we have. We get what we expect to get. It's that simple. Yesterday we had zone conference! Wow amazing. We spent an hour just sharing our favorite pick me up scriptures about the Savior. It was so beautiful to hear all the deep insights these wonderful missionaries of the North have. How deeply they understand the Atonement. It brought tears to my eyes how I am surrounded by the warriors of the gospel, defenders of faith, representatives of Himself, the very Christ. I felt so privileged to be a part of it. So many changes being made, a new zone in the east. Another zone is being made so that there is less travel time to get to meetings so we can focus on our work. Also p-day being moved to Tuesday so that we can hit the week with a full force on Monday  I love that idea. And there are so many other changes. Wow just amazing things are coming. I feel as if President Ralwings took this mission from sitting to standing, and President Watson is taking it from standing to running. So great! This will one day be the new BRAZIL! But a little north and a little colder (;

I love you all. I hope that any who are reading this understand that I love being a missionary. I know with ever fiber of my being that this is the true church and Jesus Christ is the head of it. I love my Savior beyond words.

Merry CHRISTmas. #share the gift

Sisar Alayna Hübner

Our future Christmas cards. WE LOVE THE MORMONIN KIRJAA
Me with the Watsons- our mission president and wife after the conference

On our way from the apartment to the church, love the nature!

All the north sisters… love them so much!!

Our hilarious Russian friends that I love to death!  V. is soooooo sasssy it kills me! She demanded to sing a solo at our Christmas party that she just decided need to be song and changed her clothes, she put on a tutu and a fedora....hahahaa I was dying! I don’t think the ward knows what to think of her! She is one of a kind!

Snow in the dark........basically all day…everyday… but ohhh so beautiful!

Monday, December 15, 2014

Dark Sky, Windows of Light

I don’t know if I have mention how dark it is here but to let you know. The ''sun'' comes out about 12pm, sometimes it just gets lighter but no sun comes, and then about 2.30pm it starts to get dark.

That's it. That is our time of light. But you know what is so crazy--it really hasn’t even phased me at all. Even though, the darkness isn’t the funnest, just like all the Finnish apartments have these paper stars of light that shine out, I feel like that is the gospel. It is my little star that shines the way of the road in front of me, one step at a time. Giving me hope that the road continues and gets better as it goes. 

Humility. What does that even mean? I have been thinking about this a lot. Through out my mission I think it has come to mean- at least for me- recognizing but not being debilitated by the knowledge that I do not have all the pieces to finish this puzzle. I must rely on the Lord. I must wake up in the morning remembering my purpose.

I am a disciple of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. I have been called by Him, to declare His word among His people, that they might have everlasting light.
3 Nephi 5:13

And then remembering my purpose remembering this isn’t my plan, I do not have the insight to conduct it. I must pray with all my heart begging the Lord to take my will from me and make it His, because even handing my will over to the Lord I can't do by myself.

This week was amazing.

A lot of our investigators has been sketching out on us and our one progressing investigator decided to go to Stockholm for the next couple of weeks. We were trying hard but the hope and probably the faith to find was lacking.

We got to Wednesday, and the zone leaders are hitting amazing success just like that all of a sudden. The AP's went on splits with them and boom, now they have the tools to make their areas boom. So they gave us all advice of how they are doing it in district meeting. The Key -change your attitude.

If you expect people to reject you, then they will. If you expect people and have faith that they will want to learn more, they will. Your perception will alter reality.

Boom- and we started doing that and so amazing things have been happening. Being persistent with setting up times to come back and share more. Centering all that we are testifying about Christ and His birth and life and atonement, and gospel.
President Texeria came a couple weeks ago in mission tour and told us these extremely inspirational stories about exact obedience and going from less than 6 teaches of   investigators to the next week 20. That has been our goal, 20 teaches a week to investigators in the past most parts of Finland are struggling with that, one week we hit 20, it felt so good, but it definitely wasn’t no picnic.

We had to do splits in Vaasa, which takes a 5 hours south train, and so that is a pretty big chunk out of our week, but when we came back, we had about 3 teaches to investigators.  We got back Friday, our investigators have been sketching out a little bit, so we did some insane finding and we got 15 teaches to investigators, and 9 new investigators all found in 3 days. That is pretty amazing!

The best part is that, we really know and understand how much work we have to put into prayer because it is not possible with out His help and His heart softening power.
Pretty amazing stuff. The best part is that it can and will continue to be miraculous if we keep having faith and going for it. We are agents to act for our selves and not wait to be acted upon. How exciting is that?

One lady we met on the street A. is from Brazil and we can't figure out if Finnish or English is better for her, we had this amazing discussion on the freezing street and she ended up crying and telling us about the amazing experience that ever since her son was born she just knows that God is real and so is Jesus Christ and she knows that there must be a bigger plan. She was so prepared for this message and invited us over. 2 days later we went back and watched "He is the Gift"- she was so bummed it was super short, she wanted it to last longer. She was so grateful for the Book of Mormon that we gave her in Portuguese and also her husband was interested and we gave him a book of Mormon in Finnish. Such an amazing little family. She also gave us some names and addresses of other friends in Oulu that are from Brazil that we can visit! Sadly they are leaving for a long Christmas vacation and then she is going to Brazil for a couple of months next year )= but the good news is that she gave us her address in Brazil that the missionaries there can go visit!

I love being a missionary! The time is running out and I am just so grateful everyday for these blessing to be serving in Oulu, Finland

Rakastan teitä hyvin paljon

--Sisar Alayna Hübner

P.S. us and the pink sky!

Our FHE group before our friend A had to leave back to France )= we will miss him, such an inspiration to us all of Faith

Monday, December 8, 2014

Nordic Fire

  Dec 8, 2014
Well before I get anywhere father on this letter I just got to say that......
basically my life is complete! Yay it was seriously the best! Basically we were just leaving the church and we were talking about the second coming and what we can do to prepare,  with this awesome member and Sisar Woods said '' the gospel is just like Light'' 
''HEY WAIT IS THAT THE NORTHERN LIGHTS?!?!?!'' sure enough it was the northern lights! super cool!
Well this week was another great week. My last fast and testimony meeting in Finland )= I at first didn’t feel like baring my testimony but then Chuc our friend that just got baptized asked, hey so are you going to say your testimony today? Then you know the feeling that the spirit basically drags you up to the pulpit and no matter how many billions of times you have testified on the pulpit it seems just as nerve racking as if it was the first time. I basically balled like a baby when I said how much I love my mission and Oulu. ya I'm basically a big baby but, whatever I love these people soooo much. I literally think Oulu has the most concentrated amount of amazing people in the world. hands down.
well last Monday right after we had finished emailing we bike sprinted over to our member's house to teach our investigator T. turns out the member (this bomb awesome professional chef, made us this mint chocolate mousse cake.....it was literally the best and T. was just literally eating it up, making all sorts of funny noises while eating this delicious cake. Hahahaaa, turns out that is all investigators need spiritual food and physical delicious cake! Anyways he had been apprehensive to set a baptismal date the day before, but then we gave him 2 Nephi 31 about why Christ was baptized and why we should be baptized. We asked him if he had an opportunity to read it, he said sheepishly,´..........well yes and like um, kinda, basically, so like, hmmm, well, what I think about baptism, welll, hmmmm, I actually prayed about it and the answer was really surprising to me, I think I need to be baptized and the church is true.
enough said. hahahah, literally we were speechless, it was like the best moment of my life. we asked him to pray about Joseph Smith specifically being a prophet and he was like well ya I can pray about it, but I’m pretty sure I already know the answer is yes. (= !!!!!!!

there you have it folks. it really is that easy, read with real intent, come to church and pray and the Lord will give you the straight up answer!
Another really cool thing that happened this week was that we have a friend D. that basically fell off the face of the earth. He is a doctor and was here studying for his PhD. So basically our member found out that something was wrong with his scholarship and he had to go back to Zambia, and she got back in contact with him over email! thank goodness for technology, we turn out he just came back last week, and he came to the church and we MET WITH HIM! and then he came to church yesterday and stayed for Sunday school and wow! so great our recent convert A. basically just testified like no other about the book of Mormon and how great baptism is, and we set a baptismal date with him right on the spot! He was like, wow, I guess I really need to read the book of Mormon everyday and pray about it huh?!?
it was incredible

well I'm out of time! I love you!

thought of the week, we talked about the second coming of Jesus Christ. the moral of the story is, it doesn’t really matter when He really comes, what matters is that we put it in our minds that He is coming next week and that we live and prepare as if He is coming.
Take care, SHARE THE GIFT!!
Sisar Hubner


He is the Gift                                                                                            Dec 1st, 2014
So basically... The gospel is True. The church is awesome. Christ is Christmas. He is the gift.

Check it out. It will blow your mind and help discover, embrace, and share the gift this Christmas holiday. 
This week was pretty much hectic and amazing. We threw together this Thanksgiving party, started arranging it on Monday, Thursday tons of members can and brought all their friends, all our investigators came and brought friends, our less active that hasn’t been to church is years came. In total 17 non-members came. It was amazing we made the pumpkin pie with the help of our chef friend, and the sweet potato casserole (heaven....YUM!M!) the elders bought duck, turkey, and ham. There was literally so much food it  was the best thing ever. We started it off with singing Kiitos Sulle Jumalani (Thank you, My God) I think it might just be a Finnish song, it was so cool to be gathered together all different cultures and faiths and come together to thank our Father for all the great many blessings. It was just spectacular!
Then that night we jumped on a plane and flew down to Helsinki, I had the most amazing conversation about the gospel with this lady I was sitting next to!!! #loveplanecontacting 
It was so great to see our sisters in Espoo and the next day we had MLC, missionary leadership council. So many great things are coming to Finland, we are trying so hard to get 20 lessons a week to investigators, at least 10 contacts a day and share HE is the gift this season, and giving away at least 2 books of Mormon a day. A lot of high goals to raise our sights. This is His work, I’m so excited to step it up and see the miracles come. 
We went to the temple that night. It will most likely be my last time, because when I go home it will be closed due to New Years Eve. It was hands down the best session. I just wanted to stay there for life. I LOVE THE TEMPLE! IM GOING THERE ONE DAY (= okay already have but still Imma keep going every possibility that I have. 

We came back, had to take a train, and then a bus, about an 8-hour trip......yikes 5.3o wake up....that hurt. but it always feels so great to be back in Oulu. This is my home. 
I just wanted to share that from today although it was p-day and we really wanted to get some stuff done we got a last minute phone call from our member asking if in 2 hours we could go with her to a school presentation to talk about the church.... How can you say no? we showed He is the Gift video and Because of Him. They just loved it and all wanted to come to our Joulu party. those videos  just pulled the spirit in so strongly. At the end the class were basically jumping at the opportunity to take a free book of Mormon it was fantastic. though we lost a lot of P-day time, the Lord helped us reach our goals and share the gospel also answer the call to serve. But honestly I feel so refreshed from that, nothing like giving your day to the Lord for Him to give it back, better then ever

I’m out of time
I love you all. He is the Christ. Share the gift

Sis. Hübner

p.s. sis woods and I eating our yummy turkey day dinner.

Below is a picture of the pedal that I snapped........yikes getting to fat these days!

Monday, November 17, 2014

Mission Tour! Valaistava kokemus meille Kaikille

Dear Friends and Family,
I can’t remember if I wrote this, it’s a pretty big piece of news. 
Mom remember that one time that a car pinned you against the wall and you had hercules strength and moved the whole car with just your two hands. Or also that time when we needed to leave the parking lot and you went to open the car door and ripped off the metal handle bar? We called you Herculia....hahaha well you will be proud to know, like mother like daughter, some of those astounding strengths have been passed on to me. While biking home the other week, we were trying to go fast it was about -15 degrees and I'm trying to bike up this hill as fast as I can, its going pretty good and NAPPSS......
I totally snapped off the stainless steel pedal.......call me Sisar Herculia. Hahaha but actually it was so ridicules and we had all this stuff to do and less then an hour to get home eat dinner and be in the center for a teach. So what do I do? One pedal it back to the house. What once was a 10-minute bike ride turned into 20 when you only got one leg doing the work. Hahahaha ill show you the picture one day! Good news is we have great neighbor members that let me borrow their bike for the night. So now I am onto bike number 3......voi että
Kuitenkin, AMAZING WEEK!! So our friends C. and H. are preparing to be baptized and the whole ward has really been a part of their conversion story! It’s been so amazing. A member had us and C. and H. with all their friends over and we watched the Restoration movie about the prophet. There was such an amazing spirit there and then afterwards I got this feeling that I should ask C. and H.'s friends that hadn’t been very interested in the past their thoughts on the movie and both were really touched by it and felt like God was by their side. They both are coming to the next meeting we have with C. and H.I love the spirit. 
Also we had a school presentation in high school last week and it was actually pretty fun except that everyone was so shy and it took a while for them to warm up! But it was a great opportunity to teach them a little bit more about the gospel, and it was cool because they were open to listen. Then we had a dinner appointment and the member is a cook from the island of man (way cool look it up) and he made homemade lasagna and home made noodles!!! I ate sooooooooo much at the end when we got on the bike I thought I might break it because I had gained so much weight. Haha wouldn't be the first time. Hahaha oh well you only serve a mission once, gotta eat all the yummies that you can! Then we went to this less active member who is trying to teach us how to knit socks so we can give them to an investigator or friend with a gospel message. Well she doesn’t have the patience for us, so she lets us do one line and then she does the rest haha voi ei, I'll never learn! But then she made for us Pannukakku (its German pancakes like the ones you make, but here is the thing I never had those in Germany, its pretty much a Scandinavian thing. Maybe we should change the name (=) but anyways we were so full Sis. Woods and I thought we were going to barf eating even more. The bike ride home needless to say was not the most comfortable. We took the stairs to our apartment on the 5th floor instead to work some of that out. 

President Texeria came for mission tour! He is the President for the Europe Area 70, and he is from Portugal, speaks 4 languages fluently. Such an incredible man. His wife was such a great teacher! Before the meeting we had a pre-meeting with him. He just expounded on the scriptures like no other. It was amazing, he taught us that the parable of the Talents in Matthew can be used for talent or what not, but in actuality it is a parable about leadership and our responsibility in building His kingdom. He has asked that we change the culture here. People always say Finland is a hard place to be a missionary, but actually its hard anywhere. If we let excuses hold us back then it restrains the Lord. I love how straight forward he was with everything! He told us of inspiring stories of his mission days and missionaries that helped shape him. I was so impressed and moved by those stories I want to be like those. He showed us this video and kept referring back to it, asking are you living your mission like this man, are you living the gospel like this man? This gospel already has the full course meal and fun stuff paid for, are we going to open our eyes and start accepting the blessing that the Lord, the Savior Himself already paid for?

It was just amazing, and I got this super strong impression that we should invite J. our friend to met President T. so turns out President has time at
 3pm and so does J. President T. just fills the room so strongly with the Spirit and calls J. out and says he already knows the Book of Mormon is true and tells him to be baptized in 2 weeks. And Jani said YES! Oh my goodness and he is seriously about this!!! Wow, he said he is just going to take huge painkillers to get over drinking coffee (so turns out it really is that easy!) 
It's that easy, if you know the Book of Mormon is true, everything else falls in place. You don’t have to keep asking on every doctrine okay, well is this true or not? Once you know that God the Father called a prophet who translated that Holy Scripture, the rest is history. Then it is up to us if we will have the guts to live it, love it, stand up for it. So read it and ask. It makes the rest of life so much more full and exciting each day. 
I love you all! Keep calm and preach on (=
Love, Sisar Hubner
P.s. We made snow angles!!! Love the snow when it’s not slushy. Also the other picture is Sisar Pace and I after mission tour love that girl!

P.P.S. Sisar Woods bike has something wrong with it and it literally sounds like she is taking off an airplane when she rides it. Hahaha I get a kick out of it every time! Not to sure if she appreciates that but hey you gotta appreciate the small things in life!

Monday, November 10, 2014

Do You Follow the Prophet?

Before I tell of my super exciting week I wanted to give a shout out to the greatest Dad that ever lived. MARK EDWARD HÜBNER, if you haven’t met him yet then you are missing out. Talk about one humble guy. Yesterday was Isän Päivä, in other words father's day in Finland. That morning I read while eating my yummy muesli breakfast in General Conference 2011 talk- "Love Her Mother." 
READ IT! Then READ IT AGAIN! Then give your dad a big hug. I realized while reading it, that explained my father completely. At a young age I always wanted to be like him, most kids played house, or school. I played hospital, I was the surgeon, my sisters were my patients. I wanted to be just like Dad. I remember how excited I was to see him coming home in his military uniform, those fancy blues. He was my big hero, he still is. I remember he got me so excited to learn, I felt like the most brilliant one around him. When dad worked out, I tried to work out too haha. He always had the best ideas, and really random vacation ideas- for example going to the Swiss Alps and finding a pig museum to go to....hahaha only him. I remember as a kid he would take me with him to visit the lonely, the widows, and the sick. I thought those were the best daddy-daughter-dates. I love you dad, and I’m so grateful for the selfless priesthood holder you have been all throughout my life. You da best (=
So this week was another spectacular one. So just two little experiences I would like to share. So last week we got in contact with someone that formerly investigated the church, he is from Italy and his wife is a Finn. The wife wasn’t too happy about it all, but we had a return appointment set up for the next week and their adorable son just loved us and was super bummed when we had to leave and couldn’t play a game with him. So we prepared a good lesson focusing more on the son. So we show up and no one answers. So we wait a little bit and then the son runs up the apartment stairs. We were expecting a super big hi and a lot of excitement......but NO. 
Man I have never gotten more shut down in my entire life, he was like why are you here again? I’ve had enough of you. Menkää vaan! (which means go away). Then the dad walked up, also not looking very happy. We politely said we'll come back some other time. 
Just to get on my soapbox for a second. I think it is ridiculous that we even have to explain to people how amazing this gospel is, that we go person by person, letting them know the GREATEST; most PEACEFUL, most LOVING news that is on the face of this planet, and people are so rude to us, and man say WHAT??? This is the one thing that will mend broken hearts, lift up depressed hands, and make you feel like a million and 10 dollars! And yet......anyway enough of that you get the point. 
Anyways we left feeling pretty sad, it was about -15 c outside, our little fingers and toes are freezing, heads down, trying not to just let the tears fall. Rejection is one thing that happens jatkuvasti (continuously) and the worst part about it is that you can’t ice yourself off or else the message will choke in our mouths because this is THE MESSAGE of REDEEMING LOVE. I know it was just a shut down from a 5 year old, but still it stung us pretty bad. But we recognized that we were going to continue to punch Satan in the face and not let that knock us out of the game. So we decided to hit up this potential that hadn't answered the door last week. So after a long freezing bike ride- we make it to A's house. And He warmly invites us in and is so excited to see us (he is from OHIO!!!! hahah and his girl friend in Finnish) they have 5 kids all together. And they were sooooooo open to the message. We taught the restoration-and they were just so down to pray and ask God if this message of joy could possibly be true.!!!! They are so great!!!!!!!! We left their house literally just dancing. Hearts so full, gratitude so high, that they Lord stabled our little wobbly knees in a time we needed it the most and then blessed us for continuing on. 
People, THE CHURCH IS TRUE! THE GOSPEL IS THE GOOD NEWS! Seriously if you don't believe it just get yourself a Book of Mormon, read it and pray about it!!!!!! So much joy we can’t contain ourselves.
Though rejection really hurts sometimes, what is worse is not even sharing the light. 
Another amazing thing that happened this week is C. and H. they changed their baptismal date earlier to the Nov 22. They are so excited and literally can’t wait! AHH I just love them. On Saturday we had a teach with them and only C. came and told us that H. was feeling so tired that day. So we sent her a get better text and started talking about the plan of salvation and the lessons they had learned from the scripture. Then after 15 minutes into the lesson we hear the church door open and we popped our heads out and see H. victoriously coming in!!!!!! She explained that she was so sorry to be late, that she wasn’t going to come but, then she was like, ''I’m not giving up that easily!'' Seriously one of the best moments in my mission. We go on to having a great lesson about the plan of salvation focusing on the fall and the need for a Savior. Also at the end of the lesson we asked if they have a chance to look up the living prophet- Thomas S. Monson and read more about what the prophet is saying in our day. 
H. gets so excited and said,'' I FOLLOW THE PROPHET......on FACEBOOK AND TWITTER''
hahahhahahahhhhaa FOLKS there you have it, thanks to technology you can even literally follow the Prophet. So my question is this, do you follow the Prophet? Are you just as excited as H. and C. are to receive living revelation from the messenger of God? Do you know what the Prophet is saying in our days? I invite all that is reading this to learn more about a living prophet and the message of Hope and abiding love that he shares. 
hahhaha love it, and I love you all!! Catch you all on the flip side!
Sis. Hübner!
P.s. if you haven’t become addicted to this sight yet, then check it out again!


Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Happy Halloween (The Latter day saint Style (; )

Well, just when you think life can’t get better you get hit with something even more AMAZING!!!! Amazinger.......that should be a word if its not already!

So I have this amazing companion! Her name is Sisar Woods. It was super sad to see my old comp Sisar Lund go. We literally had 2 minutes to run her to the train before it left, but we have been doing that this whole transfer so I guess we wouldn’t have it any other way.
Sisar Woods is from Oklahoma, she is a little bit taller than me, sings like an angel and is basically amazing in every way and pretty quirky!! I love it!! Its crazy how well we work together, we kinda just do our own thing, but it works out, great together in planning, working, teaching. It’s pretty nice!

So on Tuesday we picked Sis. Woods up from the train station in the morning. She had been on the night train. Poor girl we had a tons of appointments and a TON of biking, and she isn’t really used to biking and she was sleep deprived. She’s a trooper! We didn’t even have time to sit down and eat dinner. We literally ran to Prisma(food store) and shoved caesar wraps into our mouths right before jumping on our bikes and death sprinting on a digesting tummy to our next appointment.
You know what they say, working hard or hardly working… right?!?

Surprisingly this week has been hyvin mukava weather (pretty nice). Not too cold, by no means summer but hey… its Finland.

Great week of working! Our Vietnamese friends C. and H. are AMAZING!!! Literally they have become my best friends and they just have this spiritual clarity, they are willing to give up anything and everything to feel the joy of the spirit. They basically taught us the word of wisdom and committed themselves to live it and to get rid of any other things in their lives that are distracting them from feeling the spirit. H. said she used to spend too much time on Facebook and wanted to stop, so she replaced her Facebook time with reading the Book of Mormon and feels this light that she has never felt before and its helping her focus in on the important things! AHHH I wish you all could meet them, they are just, well probably 2 of the most amazing people I have ever met!

On Thursday night we jumped on a plane down to Helsinki and there we had Missionary Leadership Training. But that night before it was super fun, we all stay in Espoo and there we had a sleepover with the Sisters, Sisar Nielsen my twinner, Sisar Bitner, Crandall, and Dixon. I was in the same MTC district as Sisar Crandall and Nielsen and MAN!!! So much fun! They are really just the greatest people in the world! I also don’t think I have laughed that hard in a while! Also we were all in bed about to go to sleep when Sisar Nielsen shouts, ''WE FORGOT TO PRAY TOGETHER!!!!'' So we all get out of our beds, and kneel around the one bed and together say nightly prayers. So amazing, the spirit, the power, the love. Moments like that I wish I could just freeze and enjoy them a bit longer.

The next day we had the meeting. Wow, great things are coming to Finland, mission tour, more organization so that all the zones can be in the same page and training to become better teachers! And then just a powerful lesson at the end on the Atonement. President Watson, explained and expounded on the scriptures after Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit just how much of a completely hopeless state we are all in, and yet our Father carefully planned for it all, and through the Love and charity of our big brother, Jesus Christ, we can be saved. We can start over and over again. There is no ending with Him. So amazing and also he expounded on Jacob 4:14--------READ IT!!!! How often do we look beyond the mark, when what we really need is simplicity.

Then we all together went to the Temple, Halloween night, when all the world is doing all sorts of crazy, who knows what things. We all stepped out of the world for a few hours. It was amazing. We had a little extra time in the beginning before the session started, and with Sisar Watson, all us sisters went into the most amazing Bride Room. The spirit in there was so amazing, we all just hugged and cried. We didn’t want that moment to end. Man, one day I am getting married in the temple for time and all eternity. I would sacrifice anything in the world to feel that spirit and to make that promise with my Father and my future husband. (but this convo is for a latter date.... ahhaaha)

Then the next day, well we took a night train to get back to Oulu......gotta love those... and A. our friend from Sudan who was imprisoned for a long time and finally bribed his way out just for being a Christian, finally got baptized. IT WAS INCREDIBLE so many people came and man, he was just GLOWING afterwards. When he bore his testimony, wow, words can’t describe. He has been searching for this truth for 36 years and now he found it and couldn't be happier. 

C and H. also just loved it and after wards, President and Sisar Watson came to the lesson with them and man, just incredible is the only word to describe. They are so excited to learn and grasp more light. I love them soooooo much!

I love you all,

Sisar Hübner

P.S. So it snowed super hard when we got back and we have been biking on slush which is supper hard to do. Luckily I haven’t biffed it yet! katsotaan!

Pic of all the sisters and I in front of the temple afterwards. WE LOVE THE TEMPLE!