Monday, December 15, 2014

Dark Sky, Windows of Light

I don’t know if I have mention how dark it is here but to let you know. The ''sun'' comes out about 12pm, sometimes it just gets lighter but no sun comes, and then about 2.30pm it starts to get dark.

That's it. That is our time of light. But you know what is so crazy--it really hasn’t even phased me at all. Even though, the darkness isn’t the funnest, just like all the Finnish apartments have these paper stars of light that shine out, I feel like that is the gospel. It is my little star that shines the way of the road in front of me, one step at a time. Giving me hope that the road continues and gets better as it goes. 

Humility. What does that even mean? I have been thinking about this a lot. Through out my mission I think it has come to mean- at least for me- recognizing but not being debilitated by the knowledge that I do not have all the pieces to finish this puzzle. I must rely on the Lord. I must wake up in the morning remembering my purpose.

I am a disciple of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. I have been called by Him, to declare His word among His people, that they might have everlasting light.
3 Nephi 5:13

And then remembering my purpose remembering this isn’t my plan, I do not have the insight to conduct it. I must pray with all my heart begging the Lord to take my will from me and make it His, because even handing my will over to the Lord I can't do by myself.

This week was amazing.

A lot of our investigators has been sketching out on us and our one progressing investigator decided to go to Stockholm for the next couple of weeks. We were trying hard but the hope and probably the faith to find was lacking.

We got to Wednesday, and the zone leaders are hitting amazing success just like that all of a sudden. The AP's went on splits with them and boom, now they have the tools to make their areas boom. So they gave us all advice of how they are doing it in district meeting. The Key -change your attitude.

If you expect people to reject you, then they will. If you expect people and have faith that they will want to learn more, they will. Your perception will alter reality.

Boom- and we started doing that and so amazing things have been happening. Being persistent with setting up times to come back and share more. Centering all that we are testifying about Christ and His birth and life and atonement, and gospel.
President Texeria came a couple weeks ago in mission tour and told us these extremely inspirational stories about exact obedience and going from less than 6 teaches of   investigators to the next week 20. That has been our goal, 20 teaches a week to investigators in the past most parts of Finland are struggling with that, one week we hit 20, it felt so good, but it definitely wasn’t no picnic.

We had to do splits in Vaasa, which takes a 5 hours south train, and so that is a pretty big chunk out of our week, but when we came back, we had about 3 teaches to investigators.  We got back Friday, our investigators have been sketching out a little bit, so we did some insane finding and we got 15 teaches to investigators, and 9 new investigators all found in 3 days. That is pretty amazing!

The best part is that, we really know and understand how much work we have to put into prayer because it is not possible with out His help and His heart softening power.
Pretty amazing stuff. The best part is that it can and will continue to be miraculous if we keep having faith and going for it. We are agents to act for our selves and not wait to be acted upon. How exciting is that?

One lady we met on the street A. is from Brazil and we can't figure out if Finnish or English is better for her, we had this amazing discussion on the freezing street and she ended up crying and telling us about the amazing experience that ever since her son was born she just knows that God is real and so is Jesus Christ and she knows that there must be a bigger plan. She was so prepared for this message and invited us over. 2 days later we went back and watched "He is the Gift"- she was so bummed it was super short, she wanted it to last longer. She was so grateful for the Book of Mormon that we gave her in Portuguese and also her husband was interested and we gave him a book of Mormon in Finnish. Such an amazing little family. She also gave us some names and addresses of other friends in Oulu that are from Brazil that we can visit! Sadly they are leaving for a long Christmas vacation and then she is going to Brazil for a couple of months next year )= but the good news is that she gave us her address in Brazil that the missionaries there can go visit!

I love being a missionary! The time is running out and I am just so grateful everyday for these blessing to be serving in Oulu, Finland

Rakastan teitä hyvin paljon

--Sisar Alayna Hübner

P.S. us and the pink sky!

Our FHE group before our friend A had to leave back to France )= we will miss him, such an inspiration to us all of Faith

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