Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Hyvää Joulua!!! (Merry Christmas)

What an amazing time to be serving as a full time missionary in the blessed land of Finland. My heart is so full! I love the beautiful snow that is everywhere that lightens up the skies. I love our members that have given so freely to us in opening their houses and precious family time for us during this Christmas season. I love our recent converts that love the gospel so much and are willing to do anything to share it with their friends and family. I love the little contacts on the street that maybe don’t end with people setting up a time to learn more, but that still walk away with a smile on their face.

I have found the greatest joys lay within trusting the Savior enough to give my obedience to Him, and to pray for the love that He feels for His Children. I has opened my world to another spectrum.

Seriously a mission is the best thing ever. Just because the nametag is coming off soon doesn’t mean that it will ever come off my heart. I think the two biggest things I have learned is that I have had a little taste tester of the potential of How AMAZING the gospel is and feels- free from guilt, free from fear, free from feelings of doubt, tied to the Savior. It literally is the best feeling in the world and I want it now, all day, everyday, till the day I die....and even after that. I loved the talk from general conference "Which Way are We Facing?"

I have been thinking about the talk and video from President Dieter F. Uchtdorf about the man who saved up for the cruise and limited himself from enjoying all the free food, and parties because of lack of understanding. I keep checking myself and making sure that I am not living under my potential of happiness as a member, as a missionary, as a Daughter of God? Are we living as members the gospel through a worldly perspective, or through an eternal perspective- one really sucks and feels pretty small and lonely, the other has no bounds, no fears, just BLISS.

This week was another one for the books. First off we have a new friend from Panama that lived in NEW YORK!!! love that place--get this he even has a New York vibe! and he reminds me of Aunt Patricia and her kids! He is the coolest and came to church and LOVE IT!

We have been singing a lot to our friends and random people about the birth of Christ and seriously it just never gets old, and it has been opening doors that were never opened before because of HIM and the power of the Holy Ghost to open hearts! We also had our ward Christmas party this week and they did it a little different instead of having JouluPukki- the Santa Clause- but rather made it all about Christ and the nativity with traditional Finnish Christmas food it was so great, and one so many less actives came and the spirit just felt like home- so many smiles and just pure joy. Also our member friend invited his friend to come sing a song with him, and it was so cool because I was able to talk with her and she is now a new investigator and is coming to a church tour next week!

A lesson I have learned this week is that it really all is about the attitude and perspective we have. We get what we expect to get. It's that simple. Yesterday we had zone conference! Wow amazing. We spent an hour just sharing our favorite pick me up scriptures about the Savior. It was so beautiful to hear all the deep insights these wonderful missionaries of the North have. How deeply they understand the Atonement. It brought tears to my eyes how I am surrounded by the warriors of the gospel, defenders of faith, representatives of Himself, the very Christ. I felt so privileged to be a part of it. So many changes being made, a new zone in the east. Another zone is being made so that there is less travel time to get to meetings so we can focus on our work. Also p-day being moved to Tuesday so that we can hit the week with a full force on Monday  I love that idea. And there are so many other changes. Wow just amazing things are coming. I feel as if President Ralwings took this mission from sitting to standing, and President Watson is taking it from standing to running. So great! This will one day be the new BRAZIL! But a little north and a little colder (;

I love you all. I hope that any who are reading this understand that I love being a missionary. I know with ever fiber of my being that this is the true church and Jesus Christ is the head of it. I love my Savior beyond words.

Merry CHRISTmas. #share the gift

Sisar Alayna Hübner

Our future Christmas cards. WE LOVE THE MORMONIN KIRJAA
Me with the Watsons- our mission president and wife after the conference

On our way from the apartment to the church, love the nature!

All the north sisters… love them so much!!

Our hilarious Russian friends that I love to death!  V. is soooooo sasssy it kills me! She demanded to sing a solo at our Christmas party that she just decided need to be song and changed her clothes, she put on a tutu and a fedora....hahahaa I was dying! I don’t think the ward knows what to think of her! She is one of a kind!

Snow in the dark........basically all day…everyday… but ohhh so beautiful!

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