Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Kaipaan jo Suomea ( I miss Finland already)

December 29, 2014

Well Folks, This is the last shebang. Wow, has this been an amazing roller coaster. I will forever and ever be grateful and indebted to the Lord for letting me serve in His army in the fine land of Finland. Reflecting back, I definitely am not the same Sisar Hübner that left on a mission. The Lord has shaped and molded me in the palm of His hands, and though I still have much more left to do and grow I feel as if He has given me wings to fly.

No longer do I feel tied down with fear, or worry. Just peace and love. Though I know the peace and love only lasts when the prayers I express daily to the Lord for strength in those areas. Isn’t prayer such a cool thing, if you have hope and faith, and are willing to do some work, the creator of the Universe, will answer. He will talk. He will shower down love because, that in fact, is His biggest wish. I love Him. I am grateful for Him and the gifts He freely gives us.

This week was an amazing Christmas. It was spent with all the people that I love and will keep in my heart into the eternities. They have changed my life, they have opened my love, and perspective. I have no idea who I would be without them. I’m so grateful that I was able to serve in Oulu, and Tampere. I love this beautiful land.

Last night it hit me, I only have a couple days left as a full time missionary in Finland. Then all the questions came to mind of have I done enough, have I learned enough. This blanket of joy just landed on me, that spread through me from my fingertips to my toes. That I am where I am supposed to be, I have my sights set on the Savior and coming closer to Him and focusing now and always on the people around me to help build them and bring them closer to this amazing, delicious, incredible, unfathomable, light. All because of Him.

Yesterday, my last time in church us four missionaries did a musical number in Finnish of Dear to the Heart of the Shepherd after which I was able to bear my testimony. I actually cant remember anything I said in my testimony but I did share the lyrics of the second verse with the congregation that I have grown to love and which lyrics I would like to share with you all.

 Dear to the heart of the Shepherd,
Dear are the lambs of his fold;
Some from the pastures are straying,
Hungry and helpless and cold.
See, the Good Shepherd is seeking,
Seeking the lambs that are lost,
Bringing them in with rejoicing,
Saved at such infinite cost.

This is the message that fill my heart. Of which I am eternally grateful that He had enough mercy to rescue me, I want to labor all my days to help Him bring in the others which have strayed.

I love being a missionary. I love my Savior.


Sisar Hubner

P:S. Watch out world---this sister missionary is coming back hitting the streets of the big US of A, weirder and awkwarder than ever but ohh so full of joy from the gospel......MISSION ACCOMPLISHED (;
After a freezing bike ride back home----brrrr... even the hair freezes,
but wow isn’t it beautiful!

My angels that I love!!

Christmas Eve
Christmas Dinner

Christmas Fun!

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