Monday, December 8, 2014

Nordic Fire

  Dec 8, 2014
Well before I get anywhere father on this letter I just got to say that......
basically my life is complete! Yay it was seriously the best! Basically we were just leaving the church and we were talking about the second coming and what we can do to prepare,  with this awesome member and Sisar Woods said '' the gospel is just like Light'' 
''HEY WAIT IS THAT THE NORTHERN LIGHTS?!?!?!'' sure enough it was the northern lights! super cool!
Well this week was another great week. My last fast and testimony meeting in Finland )= I at first didn’t feel like baring my testimony but then Chuc our friend that just got baptized asked, hey so are you going to say your testimony today? Then you know the feeling that the spirit basically drags you up to the pulpit and no matter how many billions of times you have testified on the pulpit it seems just as nerve racking as if it was the first time. I basically balled like a baby when I said how much I love my mission and Oulu. ya I'm basically a big baby but, whatever I love these people soooo much. I literally think Oulu has the most concentrated amount of amazing people in the world. hands down.
well last Monday right after we had finished emailing we bike sprinted over to our member's house to teach our investigator T. turns out the member (this bomb awesome professional chef, made us this mint chocolate mousse was literally the best and T. was just literally eating it up, making all sorts of funny noises while eating this delicious cake. Hahahaaa, turns out that is all investigators need spiritual food and physical delicious cake! Anyways he had been apprehensive to set a baptismal date the day before, but then we gave him 2 Nephi 31 about why Christ was baptized and why we should be baptized. We asked him if he had an opportunity to read it, he said sheepishly,´..........well yes and like um, kinda, basically, so like, hmmm, well, what I think about baptism, welll, hmmmm, I actually prayed about it and the answer was really surprising to me, I think I need to be baptized and the church is true.
enough said. hahahah, literally we were speechless, it was like the best moment of my life. we asked him to pray about Joseph Smith specifically being a prophet and he was like well ya I can pray about it, but I’m pretty sure I already know the answer is yes. (= !!!!!!!

there you have it folks. it really is that easy, read with real intent, come to church and pray and the Lord will give you the straight up answer!
Another really cool thing that happened this week was that we have a friend D. that basically fell off the face of the earth. He is a doctor and was here studying for his PhD. So basically our member found out that something was wrong with his scholarship and he had to go back to Zambia, and she got back in contact with him over email! thank goodness for technology, we turn out he just came back last week, and he came to the church and we MET WITH HIM! and then he came to church yesterday and stayed for Sunday school and wow! so great our recent convert A. basically just testified like no other about the book of Mormon and how great baptism is, and we set a baptismal date with him right on the spot! He was like, wow, I guess I really need to read the book of Mormon everyday and pray about it huh?!?
it was incredible

well I'm out of time! I love you!

thought of the week, we talked about the second coming of Jesus Christ. the moral of the story is, it doesn’t really matter when He really comes, what matters is that we put it in our minds that He is coming next week and that we live and prepare as if He is coming.
Take care, SHARE THE GIFT!!
Sisar Hubner


He is the Gift                                                                                            Dec 1st, 2014
So basically... The gospel is True. The church is awesome. Christ is Christmas. He is the gift.
Check it out. It will blow your mind and help discover, embrace, and share the gift this Christmas holiday. 
This week was pretty much hectic and amazing. We threw together this Thanksgiving party, started arranging it on Monday, Thursday tons of members can and brought all their friends, all our investigators came and brought friends, our less active that hasn’t been to church is years came. In total 17 non-members came. It was amazing we made the pumpkin pie with the help of our chef friend, and the sweet potato casserole (heaven....YUM!M!) the elders bought duck, turkey, and ham. There was literally so much food it  was the best thing ever. We started it off with singing Kiitos Sulle Jumalani (Thank you, My God) I think it might just be a Finnish song, it was so cool to be gathered together all different cultures and faiths and come together to thank our Father for all the great many blessings. It was just spectacular!
Then that night we jumped on a plane and flew down to Helsinki, I had the most amazing conversation about the gospel with this lady I was sitting next to!!! #loveplanecontacting 
It was so great to see our sisters in Espoo and the next day we had MLC, missionary leadership council. So many great things are coming to Finland, we are trying so hard to get 20 lessons a week to investigators, at least 10 contacts a day and share HE is the gift this season, and giving away at least 2 books of Mormon a day. A lot of high goals to raise our sights. This is His work, I’m so excited to step it up and see the miracles come. 
We went to the temple that night. It will most likely be my last time, because when I go home it will be closed due to New Years Eve. It was hands down the best session. I just wanted to stay there for life. I LOVE THE TEMPLE! IM GOING THERE ONE DAY (= okay already have but still Imma keep going every possibility that I have. 

We came back, had to take a train, and then a bus, about an 8-hour trip......yikes 5.3o wake up....that hurt. but it always feels so great to be back in Oulu. This is my home. 
I just wanted to share that from today although it was p-day and we really wanted to get some stuff done we got a last minute phone call from our member asking if in 2 hours we could go with her to a school presentation to talk about the church.... How can you say no? we showed He is the Gift video and Because of Him. They just loved it and all wanted to come to our Joulu party. those videos  just pulled the spirit in so strongly. At the end the class were basically jumping at the opportunity to take a free book of Mormon it was fantastic. though we lost a lot of P-day time, the Lord helped us reach our goals and share the gospel also answer the call to serve. But honestly I feel so refreshed from that, nothing like giving your day to the Lord for Him to give it back, better then ever

I’m out of time
I love you all. He is the Christ. Share the gift

Sis. Hübner

p.s. sis woods and I eating our yummy turkey day dinner.

Below is a picture of the pedal that I snapped........yikes getting to fat these days!

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