Monday, November 17, 2014

Mission Tour! Valaistava kokemus meille Kaikille

Dear Friends and Family,
I can’t remember if I wrote this, it’s a pretty big piece of news. 
Mom remember that one time that a car pinned you against the wall and you had hercules strength and moved the whole car with just your two hands. Or also that time when we needed to leave the parking lot and you went to open the car door and ripped off the metal handle bar? We called you Herculia....hahaha well you will be proud to know, like mother like daughter, some of those astounding strengths have been passed on to me. While biking home the other week, we were trying to go fast it was about -15 degrees and I'm trying to bike up this hill as fast as I can, its going pretty good and NAPPSS......
I totally snapped off the stainless steel me Sisar Herculia. Hahaha but actually it was so ridicules and we had all this stuff to do and less then an hour to get home eat dinner and be in the center for a teach. So what do I do? One pedal it back to the house. What once was a 10-minute bike ride turned into 20 when you only got one leg doing the work. Hahahaha ill show you the picture one day! Good news is we have great neighbor members that let me borrow their bike for the night. So now I am onto bike number 3......voi että
Kuitenkin, AMAZING WEEK!! So our friends C. and H. are preparing to be baptized and the whole ward has really been a part of their conversion story! It’s been so amazing. A member had us and C. and H. with all their friends over and we watched the Restoration movie about the prophet. There was such an amazing spirit there and then afterwards I got this feeling that I should ask C. and H.'s friends that hadn’t been very interested in the past their thoughts on the movie and both were really touched by it and felt like God was by their side. They both are coming to the next meeting we have with C. and H.I love the spirit. 
Also we had a school presentation in high school last week and it was actually pretty fun except that everyone was so shy and it took a while for them to warm up! But it was a great opportunity to teach them a little bit more about the gospel, and it was cool because they were open to listen. Then we had a dinner appointment and the member is a cook from the island of man (way cool look it up) and he made homemade lasagna and home made noodles!!! I ate sooooooooo much at the end when we got on the bike I thought I might break it because I had gained so much weight. Haha wouldn't be the first time. Hahaha oh well you only serve a mission once, gotta eat all the yummies that you can! Then we went to this less active member who is trying to teach us how to knit socks so we can give them to an investigator or friend with a gospel message. Well she doesn’t have the patience for us, so she lets us do one line and then she does the rest haha voi ei, I'll never learn! But then she made for us Pannukakku (its German pancakes like the ones you make, but here is the thing I never had those in Germany, its pretty much a Scandinavian thing. Maybe we should change the name (=) but anyways we were so full Sis. Woods and I thought we were going to barf eating even more. The bike ride home needless to say was not the most comfortable. We took the stairs to our apartment on the 5th floor instead to work some of that out. 

President Texeria came for mission tour! He is the President for the Europe Area 70, and he is from Portugal, speaks 4 languages fluently. Such an incredible man. His wife was such a great teacher! Before the meeting we had a pre-meeting with him. He just expounded on the scriptures like no other. It was amazing, he taught us that the parable of the Talents in Matthew can be used for talent or what not, but in actuality it is a parable about leadership and our responsibility in building His kingdom. He has asked that we change the culture here. People always say Finland is a hard place to be a missionary, but actually its hard anywhere. If we let excuses hold us back then it restrains the Lord. I love how straight forward he was with everything! He told us of inspiring stories of his mission days and missionaries that helped shape him. I was so impressed and moved by those stories I want to be like those. He showed us this video and kept referring back to it, asking are you living your mission like this man, are you living the gospel like this man? This gospel already has the full course meal and fun stuff paid for, are we going to open our eyes and start accepting the blessing that the Lord, the Savior Himself already paid for?

It was just amazing, and I got this super strong impression that we should invite J. our friend to met President T. so turns out President has time at
 3pm and so does J. President T. just fills the room so strongly with the Spirit and calls J. out and says he already knows the Book of Mormon is true and tells him to be baptized in 2 weeks. And Jani said YES! Oh my goodness and he is seriously about this!!! Wow, he said he is just going to take huge painkillers to get over drinking coffee (so turns out it really is that easy!) 
It's that easy, if you know the Book of Mormon is true, everything else falls in place. You don’t have to keep asking on every doctrine okay, well is this true or not? Once you know that God the Father called a prophet who translated that Holy Scripture, the rest is history. Then it is up to us if we will have the guts to live it, love it, stand up for it. So read it and ask. It makes the rest of life so much more full and exciting each day. 
I love you all! Keep calm and preach on (=
Love, Sisar Hubner
P.s. We made snow angles!!! Love the snow when it’s not slushy. Also the other picture is Sisar Pace and I after mission tour love that girl!

P.P.S. Sisar Woods bike has something wrong with it and it literally sounds like she is taking off an airplane when she rides it. Hahaha I get a kick out of it every time! Not to sure if she appreciates that but hey you gotta appreciate the small things in life!

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