Monday, November 10, 2014

Do You Follow the Prophet?

Before I tell of my super exciting week I wanted to give a shout out to the greatest Dad that ever lived. MARK EDWARD HÜBNER, if you haven’t met him yet then you are missing out. Talk about one humble guy. Yesterday was Isän Päivä, in other words father's day in Finland. That morning I read while eating my yummy muesli breakfast in General Conference 2011 talk- "Love Her Mother." 
READ IT! Then READ IT AGAIN! Then give your dad a big hug. I realized while reading it, that explained my father completely. At a young age I always wanted to be like him, most kids played house, or school. I played hospital, I was the surgeon, my sisters were my patients. I wanted to be just like Dad. I remember how excited I was to see him coming home in his military uniform, those fancy blues. He was my big hero, he still is. I remember he got me so excited to learn, I felt like the most brilliant one around him. When dad worked out, I tried to work out too haha. He always had the best ideas, and really random vacation ideas- for example going to the Swiss Alps and finding a pig museum to go to....hahaha only him. I remember as a kid he would take me with him to visit the lonely, the widows, and the sick. I thought those were the best daddy-daughter-dates. I love you dad, and I’m so grateful for the selfless priesthood holder you have been all throughout my life. You da best (=
So this week was another spectacular one. So just two little experiences I would like to share. So last week we got in contact with someone that formerly investigated the church, he is from Italy and his wife is a Finn. The wife wasn’t too happy about it all, but we had a return appointment set up for the next week and their adorable son just loved us and was super bummed when we had to leave and couldn’t play a game with him. So we prepared a good lesson focusing more on the son. So we show up and no one answers. So we wait a little bit and then the son runs up the apartment stairs. We were expecting a super big hi and a lot of excitement......but NO. 
Man I have never gotten more shut down in my entire life, he was like why are you here again? I’ve had enough of you. Menkää vaan! (which means go away). Then the dad walked up, also not looking very happy. We politely said we'll come back some other time. 
Just to get on my soapbox for a second. I think it is ridiculous that we even have to explain to people how amazing this gospel is, that we go person by person, letting them know the GREATEST; most PEACEFUL, most LOVING news that is on the face of this planet, and people are so rude to us, and man say WHAT??? This is the one thing that will mend broken hearts, lift up depressed hands, and make you feel like a million and 10 dollars! And yet......anyway enough of that you get the point. 
Anyways we left feeling pretty sad, it was about -15 c outside, our little fingers and toes are freezing, heads down, trying not to just let the tears fall. Rejection is one thing that happens jatkuvasti (continuously) and the worst part about it is that you can’t ice yourself off or else the message will choke in our mouths because this is THE MESSAGE of REDEEMING LOVE. I know it was just a shut down from a 5 year old, but still it stung us pretty bad. But we recognized that we were going to continue to punch Satan in the face and not let that knock us out of the game. So we decided to hit up this potential that hadn't answered the door last week. So after a long freezing bike ride- we make it to A's house. And He warmly invites us in and is so excited to see us (he is from OHIO!!!! hahah and his girl friend in Finnish) they have 5 kids all together. And they were sooooooo open to the message. We taught the restoration-and they were just so down to pray and ask God if this message of joy could possibly be true.!!!! They are so great!!!!!!!! We left their house literally just dancing. Hearts so full, gratitude so high, that they Lord stabled our little wobbly knees in a time we needed it the most and then blessed us for continuing on. 
People, THE CHURCH IS TRUE! THE GOSPEL IS THE GOOD NEWS! Seriously if you don't believe it just get yourself a Book of Mormon, read it and pray about it!!!!!! So much joy we can’t contain ourselves.
Though rejection really hurts sometimes, what is worse is not even sharing the light. 
Another amazing thing that happened this week is C. and H. they changed their baptismal date earlier to the Nov 22. They are so excited and literally can’t wait! AHH I just love them. On Saturday we had a teach with them and only C. came and told us that H. was feeling so tired that day. So we sent her a get better text and started talking about the plan of salvation and the lessons they had learned from the scripture. Then after 15 minutes into the lesson we hear the church door open and we popped our heads out and see H. victoriously coming in!!!!!! She explained that she was so sorry to be late, that she wasn’t going to come but, then she was like, ''I’m not giving up that easily!'' Seriously one of the best moments in my mission. We go on to having a great lesson about the plan of salvation focusing on the fall and the need for a Savior. Also at the end of the lesson we asked if they have a chance to look up the living prophet- Thomas S. Monson and read more about what the prophet is saying in our day. 
H. gets so excited and said,'' I FOLLOW THE PROPHET......on FACEBOOK AND TWITTER''
hahahhahahahhhhaa FOLKS there you have it, thanks to technology you can even literally follow the Prophet. So my question is this, do you follow the Prophet? Are you just as excited as H. and C. are to receive living revelation from the messenger of God? Do you know what the Prophet is saying in our days? I invite all that is reading this to learn more about a living prophet and the message of Hope and abiding love that he shares. 
hahhaha love it, and I love you all!! Catch you all on the flip side!
Sis. Hübner!
P.s. if you haven’t become addicted to this sight yet, then check it out again!

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