Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Happy Halloween (The Latter day saint Style (; )

Well, just when you think life can’t get better you get hit with something even more AMAZING!!!! Amazinger.......that should be a word if its not already!

So I have this amazing companion! Her name is Sisar Woods. It was super sad to see my old comp Sisar Lund go. We literally had 2 minutes to run her to the train before it left, but we have been doing that this whole transfer so I guess we wouldn’t have it any other way.
Sisar Woods is from Oklahoma, she is a little bit taller than me, sings like an angel and is basically amazing in every way and pretty quirky!! I love it!! Its crazy how well we work together, we kinda just do our own thing, but it works out, great together in planning, working, teaching. It’s pretty nice!

So on Tuesday we picked Sis. Woods up from the train station in the morning. She had been on the night train. Poor girl we had a tons of appointments and a TON of biking, and she isn’t really used to biking and she was sleep deprived. She’s a trooper! We didn’t even have time to sit down and eat dinner. We literally ran to Prisma(food store) and shoved caesar wraps into our mouths right before jumping on our bikes and death sprinting on a digesting tummy to our next appointment.
You know what they say, working hard or hardly working… right?!?

Surprisingly this week has been hyvin mukava weather (pretty nice). Not too cold, by no means summer but hey… its Finland.

Great week of working! Our Vietnamese friends C. and H. are AMAZING!!! Literally they have become my best friends and they just have this spiritual clarity, they are willing to give up anything and everything to feel the joy of the spirit. They basically taught us the word of wisdom and committed themselves to live it and to get rid of any other things in their lives that are distracting them from feeling the spirit. H. said she used to spend too much time on Facebook and wanted to stop, so she replaced her Facebook time with reading the Book of Mormon and feels this light that she has never felt before and its helping her focus in on the important things! AHHH I wish you all could meet them, they are just, well probably 2 of the most amazing people I have ever met!

On Thursday night we jumped on a plane down to Helsinki and there we had Missionary Leadership Training. But that night before it was super fun, we all stay in Espoo and there we had a sleepover with the Sisters, Sisar Nielsen my twinner, Sisar Bitner, Crandall, and Dixon. I was in the same MTC district as Sisar Crandall and Nielsen and MAN!!! So much fun! They are really just the greatest people in the world! I also don’t think I have laughed that hard in a while! Also we were all in bed about to go to sleep when Sisar Nielsen shouts, ''WE FORGOT TO PRAY TOGETHER!!!!'' So we all get out of our beds, and kneel around the one bed and together say nightly prayers. So amazing, the spirit, the power, the love. Moments like that I wish I could just freeze and enjoy them a bit longer.

The next day we had the meeting. Wow, great things are coming to Finland, mission tour, more organization so that all the zones can be in the same page and training to become better teachers! And then just a powerful lesson at the end on the Atonement. President Watson, explained and expounded on the scriptures after Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit just how much of a completely hopeless state we are all in, and yet our Father carefully planned for it all, and through the Love and charity of our big brother, Jesus Christ, we can be saved. We can start over and over again. There is no ending with Him. So amazing and also he expounded on Jacob 4:14--------READ IT!!!! How often do we look beyond the mark, when what we really need is simplicity.

Then we all together went to the Temple, Halloween night, when all the world is doing all sorts of crazy, who knows what things. We all stepped out of the world for a few hours. It was amazing. We had a little extra time in the beginning before the session started, and with Sisar Watson, all us sisters went into the most amazing Bride Room. The spirit in there was so amazing, we all just hugged and cried. We didn’t want that moment to end. Man, one day I am getting married in the temple for time and all eternity. I would sacrifice anything in the world to feel that spirit and to make that promise with my Father and my future husband. (but this convo is for a latter date.... ahhaaha)

Then the next day, well we took a night train to get back to Oulu......gotta love those... and A. our friend from Sudan who was imprisoned for a long time and finally bribed his way out just for being a Christian, finally got baptized. IT WAS INCREDIBLE so many people came and man, he was just GLOWING afterwards. When he bore his testimony, wow, words can’t describe. He has been searching for this truth for 36 years and now he found it and couldn't be happier. 

C and H. also just loved it and after wards, President and Sisar Watson came to the lesson with them and man, just incredible is the only word to describe. They are so excited to learn and grasp more light. I love them soooooo much!

I love you all,

Sisar Hübner

P.S. So it snowed super hard when we got back and we have been biking on slush which is supper hard to do. Luckily I haven’t biffed it yet! katsotaan!

Pic of all the sisters and I in front of the temple afterwards. WE LOVE THE TEMPLE!

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