Monday, October 27, 2014

MUUTOS KIRJE!!! (change calls!!)

Drum roll..................................................(we got our change calls this Saturday, with only one change left I was wondering where I would get called. This happens every 9 weeks that we have a possibility to move. Some missionaries move a ton, me, not so much) 
I will be staying in Oulu and my new companion will be Sisar Woods! She is in Lappeenranta right now and she was in the same group as my companion that I trained Sisar Pack, and then Sisar Thayne. I have heard she is a Saint! I am so excited to learn from her! The last big Hurrah! So excited for this transfer. I have so much to learn before I hit the real world!
So sorry I don’t have much time to write this letter, didn’t budget out my time wheel. I was chatting, writing back and forth with my baby sisko Saige! Ahh love that little girl, not so little anymore its incredible how much people change in a year and a half. Also shout out to my other little sister Aria, so proud of her! I wish you all could meet her, so much drive and great perspective!
Well to sum it all up. Great extremely freezing week! Man, 2 sets of thermals is not cutting it, had to put wool leg warmers that I borrowed, and need to get huge leather gloves for my hands, for them not to freeze. The face though, its just hopeless, on that bike with -17 c just smacking your face, it feels like your face will fall off any second! And then how will we share the gospel?!?! Hahaha, its pretty funny trying to contact on the street with your lips freeze, the words come out so misformed and mumbled! Haha that’s the good news----the gospel. Rain or shine, we be sharing it (=
But olneeksi! Today all of a sudden after we had a huge snowstorm thing hit, boom it all melted (that was huge bike through little lakes almost!) thank goodness for rain boots!!! And today it’s like summer!! Ahhh and the sun is shining!! Ahhh so amazing!!

Words can’t describe the love that is in my heart when I think of Oulu. I love this place, these people beyond words; tears come to my eyes every time I think about how amazing it has been to serve here! At church I was sitting next to my two friends C. and H. from Vietnam and we were talking about the spirit and how it feels, they both were explaining how the spirit feels and it so crazy because every though it can be different for every person it is still basically the exact same feeling of LIGHT AND LOVE! Just makes you want to hug every person you see tell them they are doing such a great job, solve world hunger, give every person a book of Mormon so they can have a portal to heaven! gahhh! It hard to explain but the love just hits so hard that you can’t do anything but smile and let the tears flow out of you eyes. Our Friend H. was saying how amazing it is to see people get up at church and start talking and then something amazing happens to them and they just start to cry! Ahhh the CHURCH IS TRUE!!!! Ahhh just read the Book of Mormon and pray and come to church. CPR is will save you life
c- church
R-read the scriptures.

Seriously don’t believe me? Try it out!! So much light and love comes from it! I have seen so many lives transform being touched by this gospel love. Even though I'm probably not the smoothest when I share,.... it comes from my heart and I wish all could just partake of this iankaikinen herkullista hedelmä! (This eternal delicious fruit!) Talking about lives changed. Our friend A. from Sudan that changed to be Christian and has been threatened for his life because of it. So now he is completely protected by French government so he got the okay from the mission president to get BAPTIZED!! Wow, I'm so excited it’s happening
 next Saturday and he just keeps bringing more people in because he KNOWS how great this peace feels! He came to church looking so snazzy with a white shirt and tie and slacks! And he was greeting everyone at the door!! So happy!
So we did splits in Kuopio and it was great! 
So hilly! Man, biking there is insane! Anyways, so the crazy story, we come back on Saturday, but we forgot to buy the tickets, we have 5 min before the train leaves and the ticket office is closed!! NO!!! And we have so many teaches with investigators and members set up for that night! Quick prayer, Sis Lund is like hey let just run up to the tracks and see if we can’t talk to the conductor. I was like merhhhh it wont work, we don’t really have money for this stuff. Anyway she basically dragged me to the conductor explained the situation and he (the lord Totally! soften his heart it was amazing) said hey just get on the train and we will figure something out!!! 
So we say a thankful prayer and jump on the train, then when we comes our cards don’t work because they are American no chip cards! Ahhhh and I have 40 dollars and sis Lund has 20 and normally it cost 43 each, bummer BUT!!! The conductors was so kind and gave us a discount and turns out it was 60 dollars all together!!! HE SAVED OUR DAY!!!! We were so grateful. Then later as I was sitting there this thought came to my mind, well if he was so nice and the Lord was able to touch his heart, then he must be open to the spirit. I want to give him something nice as a thanks. A BOOK OF MORMON!! But then all of a sudden all this fear comes in and I start thinking there is no way he will accept......blah blah blahhhh. I’m like hey listen Sisar Hubner- this is my whole purpose in life is to share this light that I have, how will I ever regret sharing the thing that has bandaged so many wounds. So I pluck my courage up, after saying a fervent prayer. And when he come back I explain how much he has helped us and how I wanted to give this precious book to him as a thanks, and I had marked my favorite verse for him. Wow, amazing his face just lit up and he was SOOOO grateful. 
I felt like I could fly. I love sharing the gospel. It is my light and the love that powers my life
I love you all. 

Sisar Hubner!
P.S. it snowed!

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