Monday, October 6, 2014

The Lord's Navy Seals

First off, was CONFERENCE amazing or WHAT???? Wow, my mind was so blown almost every second. My question that I brought was how can I get to know my Savior on a more emotional and personal level. And man, did that question get answered! I realized it all depends on where I am facing, the world or the Savior? I can’t do both at once, it was so clear! And the other answer I got was to focus on compassion and charity more! Both not the easiest, but if that is the main focus then I think it will be doable, and I can accomplish it!

Also four of our great investigators came to at least one session of general conference (the best place they could be). And our friend C. that we have been out of contact with for a while, we got back in contact with her, when her roommate came to church by herself! Then later this week we made jam with C. and invited her to come to this potluck in between conference sessions and to bring her roommates. So I made this pesto salad, and made WAYYYYYY too much enough to last us the whole winter so we insisted that they all come to help us eat the pesto salad, and guess what. THEY ALL CAME!!! It was so great (they loved the salad, hahaha good news) and they stayed for music and the spoken word, AND for the last general conference session!!! It was so great, they are just so sincere, all of them are from Vietnam and seriously just so pure in heart!

Ahhh, also I wasn't the best with timing today so I don’t know if I will be able to capture everything I wish I could tell (tottakai, se tapahtu joka viikkoa! ahha ei se mitään)

So I have been connecting the pieces lately how we are actually the Lord's Navy Seals. Let me explain:

We wake up 6:30 sharp every morning, and sprint our heads off to wake up. We work our bodies out For the Lord.

We come back in get ready and study His precious scriptures, and for our friends we will be teaching for that day. We work out souls out For the Lord.

Then we plan and practice for the day how to teach with our companions. We work out mouths out For the Lord.

We then study the complicated Finnish language for an hour........We definently work out Brains to the breaking point of learning Finnish, For the Lord.

Then we eat all our meals super fast so we can get out of the door faster to be tools in His hands. We work our stomachs out, For the Lord.

We then usually have such a tight packed schedule or we talked to someone for too long on the street so that we are slightly tight on time. We call those times (they happen just about every day) death bike sprints. We work our thighs and lungs out, For the Lord.

Then in every lessons, or street contact we are praying so hard for these people to have open hearts and minds to understand the GREAT PLAN that contains way more than before birth and after death. We love these people, these Finns, these friends, these foreigners with more love than I have ever felt before. We work our hearts out, For the Lord.

Then at the end of the day, we normally do another death sprint to get home on time, plan and hit the pillow as fast as fast can be, 10:30pm we are asleep after praying for at least 10 minutes reporting to the Lord. We sleep our hearts out, For the Lord.

All day, Everyday, for 18 months straight. AND the whole time we do it….. WE ARE WEARING SKIRTS!!! Booom, beat that Navy seals (;

I love this mission!

This week we went to Kuopio and I was on splits with Sisar West from ALASKA!!! woot woot alaska buddies! Hahaha, it was literally such a fun day, we were in the car, she also will be ending her mission at the end of this month along with my companion and man she is ON FIRE still! She is the cutest. We contacted this referral, we went to this place an hour drive away called Varkaus where everyone out there has their own LAKE!!!! say what? so cool! Anyways we finally got in contact with this referral A. after feeling like we should walk back and try again turns out the second time she had just gotten home and was so excited to see us! She invited us in, gave us wool socks that she had knitted! And the friend who is an invesigator who gave us her name told us to sing to her and talk about the plan of salvation. We had forgotten our song books so the only song I could remember at that time was Nearer my God to Thee in Finnish. Turns out that is a song they sing at funerals (hahaha had no idea) and also that her son had died a couple years ago and was so open to hear about the Plan of Salvation! They will go back next week to teach her more!

Then we went to this other couple’s house(one is a member and one is not) the non member had expressed wanting to learn if the Book of Mormon was true and so we helped him connect some of the pieces and he is willing to learn more and study the restored Priesthood! It was so great! We saw a lot of other members and had a lot of yummy food! Then at the end of the day, we went to visit one more member! But Sisar West wrote pukkikankaantie, instead of PIKKUkankaantie, which turns out is a totally different gated spot. But there was a beautiful lake and sun set there so we jumped the fence and ran down to see it!

So beautiful, then showed up 30 minutes late to this amazing member house, turns out he is from STUTTGART, GERMANY!!! This is where I lived. I tried to speak… it’s all Finnish now! But I was able to say a little broken german prayer! Dad he says you have to come visit him sometime when we come back to Finland!! So coool!!!

They have the best view, they literally live on a lake, it was sunset and Man! Amazing! Then on the way home, our phone dies, we run out of gas, and its super dark now, and its getting close to when we have to leave! Hahaha and we can’t find a gas station that will take our card! So we are about to freak out, thinking what do we do!?!?!?! Hahaha the Lord reminds us... PRAY! Hahah we are missionaries and we forgot to pray!

So we say a quick humble prayer asking the Lord what to do now that we are stuck. He then answered (good news he has a sense of humor and is patient) 'Dummies, you have cash!' Hahah True! True! we had cash! So we fill up the car and get home safely only 5 minutes late!! Another pikku (small) story and testimony that Prayer really does work and the Lord wants to help us in crisis, if and only if we are talking to him all the time, not just when we are in a crisis, but he WANTS TO HELP, because he is a Loving Father.

I love you alll! Take care little friends!

Sisar Hubner

p.s. while in Kuopio I got a sweet real fur hat for the winter....I’m pretty obsessed with it!

also the other picture is us in front of the lake that we jumped the gate to get to!

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