Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Sparkly Frost

So basically it turned into winter over night. As I told me little sister,


Seriously the key to keeping warm. The bad news is we are on bikes and it constantly seems to be icy rain, so it’s a permanent freeze. We have this awkward hour at 8pm where our lessons are out, and we have travel time home but also a little extra time. That is when the bone-chilling freeze comes... exciting to say the least. But its actually pretty fun, few can say they fought the icy October Artic Circle freeze.

So much has happened this week that my mind is really blank on what to say.
We taught a lot of family home evenings, with a lot of children. Practicing teaching the restoration to children. It was incredible, and the parents were even more involved that the kids were part of it. I am working on how to teach simply but still directly. It has been so exciting. I love little kids, they are just so pure, never mad for long, so trusting and simple. We also taught the family that we have been praying for, for so long we have been searching for them. The gospel of Jesus Christ is best felt and understood in family setting. It was so great 5 kids, all participated as we taught them the restoration using the example of the rainbow. Making a perfect rainbow representing Christ's church, then giving them the colors except for one having them draw their own. Showing and teaching them what happened to the Priesthood of the power of God, after Christ was killed and his apostles were killed. But that now it has been restored through a prophet today. THE PERFECT RAINBOW IS BACK!

I love this gospel. It gets truer and truer every time I learn about it. I was reading a general conference talk from Nov 2011 talking about how little we are compared to the universe and how meaningless we could be. But we aren’t because we have sons and daughters of a king. How much meaning we have.

This week we had zone meeting and I was in charge of teaching the whole north zone through a role-play of asking good questions and teaching by the spirit and following up. Not going to lie I started to get pretty nervous, but then I prayed super hard and just turned it over to the Lord. It went so great; in fact I can’t even really remember what I said. But afterwards a lot of people came up and just thanked me and said that they received a lot of answers while I was teaching love the SPIRIT. It definitely wasn’t me, nor should it every really be about me but about HIM.

I have gained an even stronger testimony about also how important how to begin teaching is. Showing that we will follow up on what we teach and it is organized not just a bunch of random ideas, strung together. But that we intend to teach the gospel of Jesus Christ, and for them to act as their own agents! Its brilliant.

I’m sad this upcoming week will my last with my dear companion Sisar Lund. But all great things come to an end. She will be going home next week. This is the time to shine. Its cool to see someone that has served so faithful give Satan one last big bunch as a full time missionary before going home. This mission has just shaped us all so much, it’s incredible.

President gave me a hint that I will probably be staying in Oulu! I would be so excited. I will have served in two areas my whole mission. WOOT WOOT! well katsotaan if that actually happens.

I love you all, the CHURCH IS STILL TRUE (=

Sisar Alayna Hübner

P.S. Our Best friends from Vietnam that came to church for Sisar Lund's farewell speech. They seriously are the cutest!

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