Thursday, October 2, 2014

The Light of Truth

(Sorry for the late post - I was in Utah with new Baby Violet :) 
This week was a great one. Another week of focusing on people, pushed by goals, and love. It was great. Looking back on all my journal entries, I just felt so much excitement and love at the end of the day! It’s a blessing to be serving here in this mission. We had some great miracles with member helping out with our new investigators. One is a doctor from Zambia, and we did a church tour, taught the whole restoration. He was so excited to learn more about this priesthood, we set a baptismal date with him on the 8th of November, and then the next day the member that was with us, picked him up for church and then had him over for dinner that night!
Another cool story is we met this Chinese student on the street and she was so excited to learn more, and even though she doesn’t know English that well or Finnish at all, she was so brave and even came to church with us! And it just so happened that our former investigator (from Vietnam) her friend just came to church on her own and just really loved it, and turns out she knows our Chinese friend. Through this Vietnamese girl we were able to get back in contact with our other former investigator! 

Just a great week, great member, great companion!

I love the gospel; it’s really pretty hard to explain to the investigators and just random people on the street. Its something one has to feel for themselves in order for them to believe. But I just end almost everyday so grateful. Its not that its easy here, its getting darker, the people are getting colder, we are always semi drenched, because of the freezing rain, but I have gotten to a point that the outside stuff really doesn’t phase me too much. Its like I have this ball of sunshine on the inside that is bubbling out, fire in the bones as Jeremiah says from the testimony of Christ. The Light of Truth.
We were at the bus stop waiting to go visit some members, and we were talking to an older Finn. I looked down towards the bus stop and see this guy that looks familiar so I decided to go talk to him, and turns out we are going to the same place, taking the same bus. About a month ago we played soccer with him and a couple other people. He had met with the elders a couple times but his phone had broken so he couldn’t contact them. Long story short he had the book of Mormon with him, he had to flee his country because He switched to Christianity. Though he has been in danger for a while, He said he wont turn back, He is a disciple of Christ and it brings him peace knowing that Christ is his personal Savior, even if that means dying for Him, he will do it. We showed him a picture of the temple and said he hopes to enter one day. We can’t teach him due to the danger until he gets his permanent residency. But it made me think a lot. Faith like that, and it reminded me of the Book of Mormon, where they killed all those who did not deny the Christ. Its looking like the world is heading closer and closer to that. 
I love my Savior and this gospel so much that I would die for Him, if it came down to it. But more I know that my Redeemer wants me to LIVE for Him. Everyday, all day, we need to shine the light of truth to areas where darkness has reigned. I hope you all can ponder and make goals of how you can LIVE FOR HIM more fully this coming month of October, preparing for Christmas and the celebration of the birth of our Savior. 
He lives, and I will forever be indebted to Him.
Hyvää Viikkoa teille 

Sis. Hubner

P.s. The most adorable Finnish family I know! Love them, you all have to come to Finland one day and met these Rocks of Members!

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