Monday, August 25, 2014

1 Year

A lot can happen in one year in Finland. August 19, 2013 our crazy awesome MTC group stepped off the plane and jumped head first into this missionary stuff. I feel like such a different person, but at the same time still the exact same. I’m not sure if that makes any sense mutta totta, that’s how it feels. Too celebrate it, we went up to ROVANIEMI!! The most northern area in Finland that missionaries go. Well technically it was for our district meeting, but still it was so awesome. Such a beautiful place up there and the people are so insanely nice! There is just a different, erityinen feeling up north. After our meeting we went up to Joulu Pukin Maahan (we went to Santa Clause's Land) and officially made it into the North Pole! It was a lot of fun.
Then on Wednesday we had splits with the Oulu 2 Sisaret and man!, what a blast of a day. I was with Sisar Nyman (she is from Norway) and we just hit the streets laughing and trying to brighten people's days! We went by the spirit and it felt so good to be able to let out our stress and just trust in the Lord and make them smile while sharing what is most important to us. The light of Christ the rock of our eternity. MAN! It just feels so good, to let the fire of our testimonies out. Its funny because also Sis. Nyman reminds me of Christina Hübner(!),my cousin, so it felt like a day on splits with my bud, that is actually in Japan right now! Shout out to Sis. Hubner (=
The next day we planned for a while, and then took the night train down to Helsinki for MLC (mission leadership council) and then the next night we took a night train back up. A lot of fun very adventurous, but it kind of takes a toll of the sleep. Anyways while we were waiting at the train station with the Zone Leaders we started talking to this couple that were actually AMERICAN!! It was so weird, just such a different vibe just different type of people. Then while we were getting onto the train we see this middle eastern family struggling with boxes, so we ask if we can help and we all grab bags and boxes and help them load it into the train, turns out one of the family was moving down to Helsinki with his 2 kids by train, and it just so happened that they didn’t speak too much English or Finnish, but one of the Zone Leaders, turns out speaks Arabic FLUENTLY! What?? Haha it was so helpful and they were so grateful, and we helped them unload when we got to Helsinki! 

I love this gospel, we just look for ways to help and serve and we love to do it because we care and love these people so much! Our mission statement, ''We can stand in the place and stead of the Lord Jesus Christ in administering salvation to the children of men...We are HIS agents, we represent HIM, we are expected to do and say what HE would do and say, if He were administering among men at this time.''
I felt like that day, I fulfilled my calling. It felt so great to just help in a little way. It helps us feel the extreme love our Father in Heaven has for them. It's just so amazing to feel that.
MLC was amazing! The temple was so perfect and peaceful as always. While sitting in the celestial room with my sisters, Sisar Lund and Nielsen, I couldn’t even express in words the love and peace I was feeling. I felt like I would burst with this light that I felt fill me up. I hope all of these people we have been working with in Finland, will one day be able to find rest in this beautiful house of the Lord. 
The Gospel is the good news (=
Take care

Sister Hübner

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