Monday, September 1, 2014

Who’s Up For Round #2?

Drummmmm Roll please............change calls came and luckily for us! Sisar Lund and I will be staying in Oulu for another change, and then Sisar Lund will go home at the end of the transfer and I will be following close after with one more transfer! As my great Mama Hubner would say, ‘‘we are rounding the corner of the 400 and hitting the last 100, its sprint time'' ---love that woman!
As proof that summer is slowly fading I attached a picture of the first auburn leave! 
Syyksys on tulossa (autumn in coming). I am literally so excited to be here in Oulu for at least another transfer. This place is amazing! Words can’t describe how much I love it!
This week we went to the YSA family home evening and our investigator didn’t show up. So instead of just hanging out with the YSA we decided to go back out, hit the streets and find the one the Lord was preparing that day. We stopped a few people, and no one was picking up what we were putting down (aka our testimonies), but then we stopped this one guy and started talking and from his body language he was super down, and we started talking and he just by the end of the conversation, was standing up taller, looking us in the eyes, and SMILING! It was amazing, he has studied Judaism for a while, and was a former Jehovah’s Witness 10 years ago but divorced from the church. At the end we had given him a Book of Mormon and he was so touched, and we had a church tour set up for the next day. He shook our hand, and said 'hmmm God works in mysterious ways doesn’t He?'' with joy in his voice. 
Well let me tell you, this guy J. that one mentioned above, we have met now just in this week alone 5 times, he has a baptismal date that he is working towards, and he came to church!! Which just so happened to be District conference (like stake conference but we are too small up north that we don’t have a stake, so the members from the cities of Rovaniemi, Kemi, Oulu, and Kajaani all came) and we were able to hear from President Kearon, from England, a member of the 70, and man, he is just so amazing, so much joy and no worry, this man is truly a man of God. But J. just loved it and was just so uplifted and the members just welcomed him with open arms! Also our new member M. was surprised asked from the pulpit to come up and bare his testimony! Man, he is such a champion, just such a pure heart. 

Have I mentioned how much I love the members here? They are really just the greatest, I hope to come back and live here one day! Who knows, maybe I will? But for now I just feel so privileged to be working with these amazing people and learning from their examples! In 2 weeks, Elder Bednar is coming to Finland and we are having a mission conference. We are all so excited and praying to be ready, and reading some of his past talks on faith, and working hard to be edified when we all go down to Helsinki. 

Our beautiful Oulu sisaret, they are both being moved and two new elders will be coming in, in their place )= there aren’t enough sisters anymore to fill those spots. Sad day we will miss them a lot!

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