Monday, September 8, 2014

The Light of the World

I just wanted to share basically my journal entry, I think it sums it up (= shout out also to my big sisters Tasha for welcoming in the cutest addition to the Hubner family! Violet Rae Johnson! So Precious! Also shout out to Abby Diaz! Thanks for the letter! I literally was so excited I cried when I read it! Hahaha ya basically have turned into a baby these days, (=

 ''The spirit of God like a fire is burning. The Latter-day glory begins to come forth.''
How can I even write a tenth of the joy I am feeling in my soul. I keep wanting to cling onto this moment of feeling just sure bliss thinking it will some how end when this moment is gone, just to find out the next moment is even greater, if not better <3 I almost feel as if my joy is full, or at least getting close. Today we (p-day) watched THE LEGACY while making applesauce from the many apples we picked with Sisar J. Wow, how I have gained this immense love for the pioneers and the legacy that they have left us! Back to the apples, YUMMM!  Welcome autumn, its a beautiful crisp autumn outside with changing colors. But it’s not the awesome weather that has caused a change in me. It’s my faith in Christ that is rising to the next level, the increased nälkä (hunger) to feel of His love and share it.
It started with district meeting - the call to raise our sights and tap into the Atonement. It started with district conference with President Kearon and his example of loving life stress free; the looking for opportunities, desiring, loving the little service in each moment; playing with a members daughter and the random Finnish berries while her dad fixed Sisar Lund’s bike; the prayers asking my Father for humility to understand it and incorporate it; the search to understand the atonement. The feeling I get while watching #BecauseofHim and He is Risen
I know it’s true because when I watch it and read about it I feel weightless, I feel this light rush through me to my fingertips and toes. I feel a change of heart, the desire to do better, craving ways to keep more commandments because I know how liberating it feels.

We had fast Sunday yesterday - praying for understanding of humility, of the Atonement, for our investigators C. and J. to understand and feel the Love and power of Heavenly Father. The enabling atonement. We made a train of biking with a member to pick up all our investigators for church. Sacrament meeting, our member testified about when his friends came over and we taught them and how powerful the spirit was, keeping the promises we already made to our God.
Our investigator came to a dinner appointment with members and I will never forget the smile of pure happiness on his face as he felt the spirit. Late talks with Sisar Lund about our Savior. Helping our recent convert understand the next level of the atonement!  I will forever be grateful for Finland, for this mission, for the GOSPEL.

Sisar Alayna Hubner

P.S.  I’m a MISSIONARY IN FINLAND!! Oulu, the most north sisters go, and on Thursday we fly down to HELSINKI(!) to stay at our MISSION PRESIDENTS HOUSE; and the next day we have a mission conference with ELDER BEDNAR!! Wow like seriously, I think I have died and gone to heaven!

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