Monday, August 4, 2014

Waters of Baptism and random Miracles in Vaasa

This week was amazing. M. our awesome investigator that has grown his faith in Christ, which now just beams from his eyes, got baptized this Saturday! It was loistava, He seriously has given so much hope and excitement to this ward, they have accepted him with open arms its so incredible. He just brings this light and happiness where ever he goes and now even more so after his baptism. On Saturday we went to the church 2 hours early to fill up the font, and little did we know that there are 3 faucets that the water has to come out of for it to be ready on time! So about 30 minutes before it starts Vanhin Spiers goes to check how high it is and it only is up to his knee! So we frantically run to the kitchen grab all the buckets and pots we can find, and start filling it up from the kitchen and bathrooms! It was quite the adventure and was filled up in less then 20 minutes before everyone came! Good thing most Mormons don’t come too on time! 
Picture of our friend before he was baptized! M. is the best!

Mikko was as excited as anyone could be. On Sunday he was wearing suit pants and a tie and white button up, and nice shoes which he never wears and the priesthood holders gave him the gift of the holy ghost and it was so amazing the ward is already welcoming him in with open arms, and he was even participating a ton in Sunday school and said the closing prayer! It was so amazing he already feels like a life long member! Then a member invited us all over after church, and it was the perfect atmosphere for him to see how the spirit and this gospel works in daily life! Amazing!  We had splits with the Vaasa Sisaret and it was sooo much fun. I was with Sisar P. and she was super stressed out, and we were able to work it through and just hand it completely over to the Lord for the Day! It was amazing so many tiny miracles, and then this golden woman just basically found us and told us that she had heard what we were talking about to this one man on the street about our religion and she was so interested! It was great I had been praying that while we were there we could find someone to build the kingdom in Vaasa and the Lord did all the work, we just had fun loving people.
Beautiful Oulu!

Wish I had more time to explain how amazing this place really is, how exciting it is to be here. But alas I only have about 1 hour or less to explain. Take care and remember the Light you have. Hold it up, its not meant to be hidden because of why? It supposed to shine to help our friends along! 
Also if you haven’t seen the new music video from Alex Boye of the song: "Have I Done Any Good in the World Today." Check it out! Tooo good, I love this gospel!!
Sisar Hübner!
P.S.     Poor Sisar Lund got her skirt stuck in her bike wheel and I had to spend 30 minutes sawing it off with my key haha too funny, skirt= completely destroyed!

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