Monday, August 18, 2014

Building A Ship

Remember in Nephi (1 naïf 17), the Lord woke him up in the middle of the night and told him to get up into the Mountain. Nephi didn’t complain, he just left. Then the Lord told him that he needed to build a ship. Nephi didn’t doubt, he just asks with humility Lord where do I go to make the tools. Then the Lord tells him the details, how to make the tools, where to go, how to do it, how to make the fire for it, and on top of it makes there food sweet so they don’t have to waste time cooking it. Nephi just goes and does. What a boss. I love Nephi; he just trusts in the Lord and follows. 
That is the type of Person the Lord is looking for, and needs. Especially from his members and Missionaries. In the beginning of this transfer Sisar Lund and I got down on our knees and prayed for a specific vision of whom we needed to find. 1 future eternal family, 1 future priesthood holder, and 1 future Sisar Hubner. Then we went out praying the whole time to have the faith to let the Lord work through us. 

The Lord has told Oulu that He wants at least 2 wards in the near future. He told it through President Rawlings. Just like the Lord told Nephi he wanted a ship, which at that time must have seemed pretty crazy...... No questions, the Lord knows what He is doing. The Lord will show the way, He already has.
I just feel so humble being here, and seeing the Lords work in basically EVERYTHING.
Words can describe the joy that’s inside Sisar Hubner at this time!! Ahh you all have to come to Finland one day, but better yet, the joy that I’m feeling now come from being a friend, comes from listening to the Spirit no matter how crazy the idea seems. It comes from offering our friends eternal life with their family. And guess what, this can happen anywhere! You don’t have to be in Finland to feel this happy!

I keep waking up every morning asking myself is this real life? It’s too good to be true! It seems. Wow. I love Oulu with all my heart! I love these Finnish people, their rehellisyys, their Sisu, and this gospel.

It has been such a pleasure being here. This week especially I have been thinking and pondering koko ajan what we can do to find the family, and my future replacement missionary. We, Sisar Lund and I have been talking it over and make plans that we can present to the Lord. I don’t remember if I told you this last time but we have come up with a couple ideas. Doing a church open house, finding by the spirit old potentials in the area book of Families. Specifically working with our members who are halukaita to do missionary work, setting dates with them, when is the next time we can come over and teach them with a friend they have brought. Already we found 1 new investigator family, that turns out to be a former investigator that has just been going through a hard time, a loss of a child, and she already has a member friend! The last thing we are doing to show the Lord how serious we are about doing anything to find this family is making more sacrifices tavalaan, tightening the screws.

Making sure we are starting our studies on time, role-plays, really praying for these names with faith, looking and pondering for answers specifically about them, eating more healthily, going out of our way to help each other and other people. Examining the handbook and finding more ways to be obedient that we haven’t done so well in the past. Faster lessons, baptismal dates set with the spirit. Praying for love more strongly on street contacts.

We want to show the Lord we will do whatever He wants to get His plan in action (= I love this life!
Little miracles: I saw this guy walking past us, we pass him. I get the feeling to change direction and go back. We go back, we talk to him, he is from Dubai, and totally shuts us down )= lame sauce, next person is a Vietnamese that we just say hi to and keep going. Then again the thought come, maybe the Dubai guy was a distraction, the Vietnamese girl was the one. Once again we turn back and tract her down. Turns out she has been her for 2 days and her first friend she met it L. a recent convert from Vietnam!!! So awesome, we spent half an hour helping her figure out the grocery story in Finnish and then set up a return appointment. Yesterday we taught her how to pray! 
 Miracle #2: Our member that gave us her friend as a referral to sing to, picked up a new investigator, but she had guests over so we decided to come back later. We get the feeling to knock a few doors, pretty good discussions, nothing too promising, and so while we are on the street trying to figure out where we are going, a car pulls up and I ask the girl what street we are on....... turn out it E. this bomb awesome potential that has been ignoring us! Man cant run from the sisaret, the Lord has the best GPS! it was so crazy, what are the odds we would be there on that street and the exact time that she randomly pulls up in Talvi Kangas? No odds, that’s purely the Lord's hand.
Miracle #3: Found the stolen bike, hanging out near where it was stolen. Turns out Mama Hubner had been praying really hard that I would find the bike! BOOM! No when else will ever win when we have the Lord on our side! Stole that stolen bike back (= Old Yeller is the name, I will always lock that one up from now on!

 Miracle #4: M. our new convert gave a 5-minute talk in church. It was amazing! He started crying (I have never seen him cry before) when he bore his testimony on the feeling he got when he was baptized. Such a precious moment. 
Miracle #5: We actually found this week, almost the first time in my mission that we found people other than by street contacting. We had a spring roll night with member that invited their friends. Boom new investigators now!
I love this life. Out of time but have a great week!

Sis. Hubner

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