Monday, April 7, 2014

If we do our part, the Lord will make it happen

So for most of you that have been keeping updated with my letters know that from the beginning of the year we have been doing this huge mission wide fast to start the second harvest in Finland. For every week, there has been one area that we have been praying for and in return they have been fasting specifically that the Lord will open up the windows of heaven and pour down his blessings! So this week was the end of the fast, and our mission president promised us that if we do our part, finding always-talking with everyone, always a member present (member with us every night), setting baptismal dates early, and getting them to church, and doing church tours, and of course praying always then every area in this mission will have a baptism this month, or next month. 

WOW, not to much to ask for in return for their eternal happiness, we are trying so hard to do what he has asked because we have TRUST in the servant of the Lord. The image of our friends in white for baptism, and then white again for the temple has been our constant reminder, our driving force. 

This weekend we were lucky to be able to hear the messages of love and warning from the prophets of the Lord. And on Sunday, Sisar Pack and I, along with all the other missionaries in our mission fasted for this blessing to be poured down upon the people of Finland, and that one baptism at least will happen in April, or May and focusing on of weapons of rebeliion that still need to be given up so that we can fully trust in the Lord and his servants and jump with a leap of faith, knowing that as scary as it seems sometimes, we have to fully make the jump in order for the Lord to give us His wings to fly. 

Can I just say how amazing General Conference is? That the Lord loves us enough that he gave us more than an ancient bible to guide us in the hard days of today's world. We have living prophets, apostles, and mentors that remind us of our worth, and our potential. I was talking with this lady from our ward. She is amazing and she came out with us one night, and though everything fell through, we were able to knock on some doors, and she bore such a powerful witness and testimony of this gospel. She said that John Bytheway once said, ''Its like us seeing Michael Jordan and being so excited to meet him and asking him to show us a dunk or something amazing that we know he has done or can do, and him being so confused about what we are talking about and saying that he has no idea what we are talking about, that he can't do that stuff and walking away.'' This is us, we don't remember the people we were before this life, or our potential, but just like what was said in general conference, we can only reach our potential, if we don't separate our personal life and religious life, through the Holy Ghost and follow the promptings we can reach that potential the Lord knows we can reach. 

This week we worked so hard to get members out with us every night, and guess what? They came, but unfortunately every single one of our investigators forgot, and we were left knocking doors and talking to people on the streets. Although not the most ideal, I have faith that when we do our part, we can't control the outcome, but the Lord in His own way will make it happen! 
So those who are reading this, please give it a try and go out with the missionaries, and when things fall through get creative and continue to spread the gospel! 

One cool story of the week, we went to our appointment with our new investigator, and what do you know? She’s not at home, so instead of turning into a robot, we had been praying really hard that day with intent to find a mother in this area Haukiluoma, that was at home during the day. So instead of just knocking the closest 10 doors. we prayed really hard to be lead to that family. We felt like we needed to go across the apartment complex and go to this specific kerrostalo. We went in and knocked on 3 doors but nothing happened. Then we heard some really loud noises, and got excited and knocked on the door. We started talking about family, and when we finally asked one more question, she told us to come in. In their living room there were 2 kids, a Mom, and a grandmother. We followed counsel, got to know them, and used the opportunity, to start with prayer and teach them the right way. We taught almost the whole first lesson, they agreed to us coming back the next day, and the grandmother said the closing prayer. It was amazing, I am learning more and more how to use the opportunities the Lord has handed us and follow the counsel given no matter what. Miracles follow when we remember whose name we are representing

I love you all.

Sisar Hubner

Pic 1- everyday we try and do, ''errbodies favorite time'' where we do something exciting to make sure we still have the fun in us, to do this work! We found a small plastic spring horse, which I fell off of......a day in the life of a Finnish missionary

Having fun

I think she needs more practice ;)

Pic 2- one of my most favorite member, who came out with us to contact a former investigator, she’s such a sport! 

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