Monday, April 28, 2014

Glittering Lakes and Boots stored away

Sometimes when I wake up in the morning I remind myself that I am in FINLAND on a mission for the Lord, and it gets me all sorts of excited....still! This place is breathtaking. This week has been so warm almost 17 degrees Celsius everyday, I’m not exactly sure what that is in Fehrenheit, but man, sooo great. The boots are stored away, green is budding out of the little branches everywhere, the birds and valitetavasti, the bugs are coming out, and the lakes are glimmering and glittering, its a great time to be alive and sharing this awesome message to these Scandinavian People.
Me in front of Tohloppin Järvi, this beautiful lake outside my apartment that I drive past on the bus, every single day! I love this amazing land!

I went to the train station with my little baby, Sisar Pack and sent her on the train up to Jyväskylä. Can't believe my only daughter left the nest and is saving China,,,,,,errrrr Finland. Then I got my new companion Sisar Thayne. I don't know whose idea it was to put us two together, but man, this week/transfer seems too fun to be missionary work in Finland. It seriously has been a blast; she is from Provo, Utah. Ran track for University of Utah, lived in Ohio (it all keeps going back there.......weird stuff) and California, and she is just the cutest! Also has great clothes that we have been sharing (= hahahaaa true story).

We started it off right and went to our investigator's house M, this is on Monday our P-day and our member who has been fellowshipping M. was there with her whole family and their kids became best friends instantly! So great, we had some yummy Indian food that her ''cousin'' A. from Tunisia (not really sure how that works) made. And we ate cake, took pictures, and sang. It was so fun, and A. made it a point that we pray all together over the cake before we all ate it! Hahah funny guy he also dressed up in a dress and did a crazy dance for us......hahah tervetuloa(welcome) SIsar Thayne to Tampere 2. Needless to say we were off to a great start!

We have made goals to continue to destroy fear so that we can totally run off the spirit with nothing holding us back. We do crazy awesome workouts by the lake, and we speak complete Finnish every other day! This is the life. 

As some of you know our investigator P. has a baptismal date for May 3rd, and we have been praying soo hard that he will get a firm answer of it. He has been going to church every Sunday down in Helsinki with his friends for about a month or more, and is keeping every commitment, reading the Book of Mormon everyday when He has extra time in the car, or at night, and has been praying so hard to receive a firm answer. We had just finished our lesson with him, the member and bishop present and I felt like I should let him know that he can receive a priesthood blessing of comfort and guidance, when I told him this he said, ''Kyllä on jo saanut'' Yes, I know I have already received one this last weekend. I’m not sure exactly what happened but I was just hit in the heart with this brick or something, that I can't even explain, his Heavenly Father's love for him just rushed in, completely filled me, tears started to swell in my eyes. I felt like I needed to say the closing prayer. So I ask everyone if we could kneel together. I go to say the prayer and I cant, tears are just streaming down my face, as I humbly started to pray and plea to the Lord to give P. the strength to stand the hard temptations he has been facing, and the bless him with a sure answer, to bless him with understanding of his Father's love. It was the most powerful prayer that I have every spoken, and for a couple minutes after the spirit was so strong and it was as if the veil or unknowing, of doubt, or confusion was lifted and we were blessed with a clear few, if only for a few moments, I know that P. felt it. 
This is the true and living gospel, and P. knows it, now it is just a matter of timing and love, and katsotaan what the Lord has in store for P. But I know that P. is God's precious son, and I am so grateful that I was able to help him understand that a little better. 

This weekend we had Vaarna Konferensi, Stake conference, and it was great! President Keran, from the 70 came and spoke he is from England, and just such a delightful and inspired man. The man lesson learned this weekend was this, Chose one thing that is holding you back, pick it carefully and through the atonement let go of it, let go of the fear, the bad habit, the lack of faith, and change. It is possible through the Savior's atonement. Another realization to me this week was, that just like in 3 Nefi 11, we have General Conference, then right after stake conference, and after that we talk about it in Church. Why so much? Why did the Father have to try and introduce his Beloved Son 3 times? Sometimes we go and listen, but don't apply, that is why we need to hear it at least 3 times. But just imagine if the people in 3 Nephi 11 had listened, and understood The Father the first time, how many more miracles would have happened, how much more time would they have had with their Savior? The message in this modern day that is becoming more and more confusing and full of heartbreak, is that the Lord loves us, He has restored precious truths back on the earth again today. 

The gospels, the good news, so share it with a smile! 

I love you all, keep up the great work my friends (=


Sisar Hubner

P.S. Pic 1 Sisar Thayne and I in Pynikki, so beautiful

Sisar Thayne and I on our walked to our investigators house!. Pic 2 is a picture of us at our investigators birthday party with our member's family!

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