Monday, March 31, 2014

Would you like waffles, cherry jam & whipped cream?

Random title but man so many funny things happening this week. First off this place is so SUNNY! Its incredible, it went from night to day in just a few weeks, we wake up in the morning and it is already so light it feels like daytime, can’t wait for Juhanus Päivä, the longest day in the year! It’s coming. 

So the reason for the title, we were at our members house, the H. family (amazing conversion story - both married and divorced, next door neighbors, started dating, lived together, met the missionaries, a couple months later, after stopping their smoking and other addictions, got married, then the next week got baptized, then for a while 5 years later became less active, the missionaries came and helped them get active, and 2 years ago they went to the temple and were sealed for time and all eternity! and are powerhouse missionaries). So we are at there house and there was a hiccup in our planning and our investigator was coming late, so we were looking up Mormon messages, and then Veli H. pulls out his phone and types something in and puts it to my ear and it says in a robotic voice; Waffles with cherry jam, and whipped cream, and we start laughing because its so random and he says, Do you want? Hahaha, we say Totta Kai (of course) and he leaves, and come back with this massive plate of waffles, with cherry jam and whipped cream! Funniest thing ever! Then our investigator came and man, such a powerful lesson with amazing testimonies from our members. 

Also we got our bikes fixed this week and have been biking up the wa-zu, sometimes 30 KM a day! Good stuff!

Cool stories of the week: So one cool thing from this week was we have been wo

rking with this family to get them doing missionary work. Sisar V. is terrified of talking to people, so we took this on as a challenge to help her feel more comfortable loving people with this gospel. We met with her before our lesson (the night before we played the word game with them, this game where we get everyday topics and have a competition to connect it to the gospel in as many ways as we can) and took the same bus, and told her that her tehtävä was to find some one on the bus with the brightest colored coat and talk to them. She gave us people to look for too and it was a sort of ''game.'' When we got off the bus she ran up to us and said, ''SISARET! I have something to report! I found a lady with a bright pink coat and talked to her and told her about you guys and that we were on our way to the church to teach our friend and we talked about religion.......AND IT WAS FUN!'' So exciting, our lesson went great, set a baptismal date, then on the way back to the bus we stopped this lady on the street and we talked to her about the gospel, and then Sisar V. said,''Would you like to come to church with us and talk more with the sisaret about our religion?'' and the lady said YES! Wow, miracles are happening and the members are getting excited, esp. when we equipt them with the right tools to do this work with us!
Also this week was the launch of our ward game called Helmikisa, which means the Pearl competition. It is a competition for the whole ward this month to get 1000 points, contacts, ''Helmeä.'' Meaning that we are talking more about the church and inviting friends to come and partake of this JOY. In the mean time we will be working with the members so that once they start mentioning the church more in their everyday conversations then we will have them prepared on how to answer questions, and teach and invite their friends! Its incredible this month has been the month of preparing this ward and man, what a difference we have seen with our members catching on to the missionary mindset, in a happy non-stressful way! So we have these cute pieces of paper that have the week and slots for each day of the week and they receive 1 helmi for just mentioning the church, 2 helmeä for giving away a MK, 3 helmeä for inviting a friend to a church activity or perhe-ilta, and then 5 helmeä if their friend meets with the missionaries. At the end of the week we collect the papers, have a missionary moment in each class, ex. apuyhdistys (Relief society), pappeus (priesthood), NN (YW), NM (YM) , and alkeisyhdistys (primary), then count up the Helmeä and when we reach 1000 we are going to have an ice cream party, an activity they can invite those friends that they have been working with! We are very excited, all this started with planning in advance! We will keep ya updated. Also our ward mission leader gave us a challenge for each companionship, to get 100 helmeä this week! Shouldn't been too hard (=

Question of reflection to you all, are you editing the church talk out of your life when talking with friends or are you proudly adding that you went to church for 3 hours this week, or that you loved the temple trip you went on last week with your family? If your not proudly telling people about the gospel that matters most to you than, I encourage you to try mentioning the church more in you everyday life, why? So that those who are really searching, will be able to find the truth faster, if you share the light with them!

Love you all!

Sisar Hubner

P.s. the pictures are of my half way mark, with all my half stuff that Sisar Pack made for me. The other picture is of us wearing our ''dogs'' aka, our really wholly sweater, and eating our favorite Finnish ice cream!
Halfway Mark

P.S. Funny of the week, Sisar Pack tried to tell someone that this week we are having Yleiskonferensi (general conference), but mixed up the word and said Ylösnöusemus, which means the resurrection.......too funny! 

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