Monday, July 7, 2014

Splits and New Mission President

The days went by so fast this week, but at the end of the week it felt like last Monday was a month ago. Its crazy how that works. 
We did our first companion exchanges this week. I was with Sis. Bitner from Vaasa, she was in the same group as Sis. Pack, my baby who I trained. It was so cool to see how much she has grown and learned this language and just the love for this gospel. She is now training and her companion Sis. Pace has been enlightening us on all the new stuff that is being learned in the MTC (missionary training center) it’s so amazing, I felt like I was just there.... 10 month ago and the counsel has completely changed. It went from techniques on finding people who are searching for the gospel to complete focus on getting members ready for feeling excited to do this work, just being more open with their friends about the light that is in their life. 
Oulu Ward is amazing the members are very willing to help, and understand in what way to help the missionaries. We are working with this one family. They have 5 kids, and it was amazing to come in, they were all sitting ready with notes out, we showed them this video that has gotten us all excited about sharing this message on a daily, and we talked about goals to invite friends over to 3 weeks for a family night. A chiller way to feel the spirit and understand what this gospel looks like through a friend’s example.  Here is the video, it gave me some ideas on the person I want to become
Our Investigator with a baptismal date came to church again, this time with a nice black button up and tie. We are working to help him understand and feel what Jesus Christ has done for him. Today for a P/day activity we are playing soccer with him. Wish me luck, I'm the worst at soccer but gotta give it a go right, at least for our investigator. 
On Friday we meet our new mission President Watson and his wife. Some times change is hard but I can tell they both already have a love for this gospel and really trust in the Lord. 
Funny thing this week. So we were biking super fast to try and make our bus at the center to our member’s house. So I'm speeding and I look back and Sis. Lund is nowhere in sight. So I jump off my bike, and see her walking towards me helmet in hand. Turns out her whole tire popped in a million spots. And I forgot the phone. So now we are stuck with a 20 min walk either way, so we decide to lock our bikes up to a tree, just as our investigator M. bikes past and started telling us of a story when his bike popped.....this point we not really listening to this random story, and then he tells us that our bikes will get stolen if we leave them there even though they are locked. So we awkwardly unlock pull them out of the bushes. Start walking our bikes home, stop and talk to this Moroccan man who is on Ramadan, and can't eat until 1am for like 30min while the sun isn’t in the sky........hard life to be in Oulu in the summer on Ramadan where the sun never sets, then we say hi to this old man on a bike who screeches to a stop and says no one ever says hi to him, he has to pinch himself. Which he then pinches himself on the cheek and at this point we are so confused>weirded out by what’s going on, so he keeps riding, we keep walking in a different direction, when we see this old woman riding her bike with a kid carrier, looks like a baby tent on wheels, and we look into this little tent on wheels and there is the most posh cat sitting on a mound of fluffy pillows being carried by his owner in his own it was so weird. Crazy day, ran into this group of extremely drunk people. Sad to see that when they do have time they all spend it completely wasted. They have so much potential. They are sons and daughters of a king and they don't even realize it. 

I love this gospel! It’s so awesome. This mission is amazing, it teaches things that I probably wouldn’t have had to face for another 30 years. Its incredible it has given me a 50 year head start to understanding life, the gospel, and the purpose for living, getting along with others and what pure love feels like. It’s humbling! This mission strips everything away from you except for your testimony and forces you to fully rely on the Lord. It’s incredible. The Lord knows what He is doing!
We set our visions for this transfer; we feel really strongly that there is a family prepared to accept this gospel. This morning as we were running to the church to do emails we ran into the cutest little family and were able to explain family home evening, and the purpose of this gospel. The mom was really receptive and said we could come over on Saturday. It was cool to see the little miracles that we have been praying for, to find those families, and pray to be sensitive enough to the spirit to follow it. 

Love you,

Sisar Hubner
P.s. sorry this comp doesn’t have a place to attach pictures, it’s a shame because I have some bomb awesome pictures of Oulu. It’s incredible!
Found the outlet for my card!!
Sis. Bitner and I on the fourth of July

Sis Lund my sweetest companion and I at MLC

Beautiful Oulu

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