Monday, July 28, 2014

Catching Fire

21 July 2014
Wow! Where to start. I have about 9 minutes to get it all together in one email doesn’t seem to fair or even possible. Miracles are happening. People in Oulu are catching the vision, the members hearts are opening, more hope in every corner. The Finns culture is changing; they are becoming more open, more willing, more interested in their Savior. Why now? Because the Lord says it’s time.

If you want to catch onto the excitement over here read DC 133, Isaiah 11, 2 Nephi 21. Too good to be true! I am literally so exhausted we are running, and biking all over the place, no time for breaks its crazy. We have to get our members equipped and ready to help or else we will run to the point of exhaustion. Our members are our life support! What is your vision for your ''area''? If you don’t know ask the Lord, because He sure knows.

We have seen members moving from all over Finland to come up to Oulu. This huge movement is starting from the North and working it ways down. We had our last traveling zone meeting for our own Oulu, the most northern District, and it has always been so powerful these meetings. Well this time, it was so weird, it was so awkward a lot of the missionaries were crabby from waking up super early, the spirit was restrained for a while and we kept wondering why. Finally Sis. Lund and I said something about the tangibility of the awkwardness and we pulled out chairs into a circle and BOOOM with a lot of prayers the spirit was super strong! There were a lot of prophecies of this area. The work is already moving here, its crazy. Kajaani one of the smallest cities that has had almost no new investigators just found 9 last week, and they all walked up to the missionaries asking them FIRST about the gospel. Ahhhh so exciting, the movement! Its happening.

So many miracles in our area, we had the feeling that our investigator M. who has been so solid, all the members love him, has been coming to church, reading the scriptures, coming to dinner appointment with us to the members, and he is literally giving them so much hope. We have been teaching him literally everyday. He is going to get baptized this weekend along with 2 others that the Lord told us He needed to be leaders here in Oulu. Please prayers for this area will make all the difference. It’s all in the Lords hands, and its up to us to be pure vessels that the Lord can work through, pure conductors!

So many miracle.... one we were rushing home we had no time to plan for the week, and we were debating just going home or contacting another to find our ''one'' for the day, I said, well the Lord will make it happen. Right then this guy on a bike is crossing the street we say hi and he literally scretches to a stop in the middle of the street, we teach hm set up a church tour(HE IS FROM RUSSIA), when we had it that Friday he even brought a friend, sadly the member ''forgot'' to come and we had to cancel the church tour because we didn’t have another member, it was a bummer. But we are hoping to get something else happening.
We had this cute mom invite us over, when we came her mom and brother were there and were interested in learning about the church! And asked if when we come back if it would be okay if more people came over too!! PEOPLE!!! This is Finland, this NEVER HAPPENS! The Lord is hastening HIS work!

Our new investigator is this most adorable shy guy around 18 yrs old, last year of high school, and he is literally drawn to the spirit, the ward just has welcomed him with open arms, and he feels the Love!! Its so cool to see him opening up bit by bit, we set a baptismal date with him and he was super excited to start reading the Book of Mormon! When we went to church with him he was even in a full out tux!!! It was the cutest thing ever, he felt bad he couldn’t find his dress shoes, but man! He loved church, he was so nervous but they just loved him to death and he was so surprised, the young men sat next to him, and introduced themselves! IT’S WAS AMAZING!!!

I love this work, I love you all! Invite for the week! Pray hard about giving a Book of Mormon away, practice it with the missionaries, and pray the whole week you will have an opportunity, and then carry that precious book with your testimony in it, 24/7 where ever you go. The Lord will give you an opportunity to share this amazing LIGHT!!!! Let me know how it goes

Stay gucci (=


Sis. Hubner

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