Monday, June 30, 2014

The Oulu Dream!

I'M IN OULU!!! Ah, where do I start with this week it has been so crazy. Running place to place everyday trying to figure things out and just loving every moment. Sisar Lund keep looking at each other and asking, ‘’Is this real life?’’ I keep feeling like this is too good to be true. I am going to wake up one morning and it will be back to normal missionary work. This is missionary work on steroids! 

We, Sisar Lund and I were just shot-gunned into Oulu. So both of us are new here, and it was an amazing week. We saw a lot of tiny miracles, and also big miracles happened. We were able to set a baptismal date with a new investigator who then came to church with us. We were able to find a couple potentials, that we are going to try stopping by this coming week. Also this other investigator that we haven't met showed up to church on his own because his kids wanted to come back to church (Sisar Lund actually didn’t know what he looked like and thought he was another member and asked him in Finnish when institute was……..he was clueless, then turns out he is actually our investigator!)! It was such a cool welcome to Oulu. Such an amazing place to be!

Also the Sisaret that were before us made amazing plans and had a planner which almost a month of ideas, of who we could visit and the important stuff we needed to know about the area, it was incredibly cool! Also funny story, they even made some cookie dough that we were ready and able to make cookies for district meeting when the district leader jokingly said we should bring some. Talk about amazing and prepared missionaries. 

So I came up to Oulu on Tuesday, Sisar Lund came on Wednesday so I was able to spend some good bonding time with the other Oulu Sisaret who are just angels. Then Sisar Lund came, and on Thursday we planned met some investigators, cool experiences of following the spirit and being on the same page with SIsar Lund, for example we both felt like we need to turn back a couple times and go talk to someone that turned out to be a really cool gospel discussion! Then Thursday night we had literally 5 minutes to pack, jumped in car with the Oulu Zone leaders, then took a night train down to Helsinki, for our temple trip and Mission Leadership training meeting with President Rawlings for the last time before President Watson comes. It was amazing and I was able to see Sisar Nielsen (also called as STL this change, which another sisar from our MTC group!) It was so amazing to be back in the temple. Then that night we jumped on another night train and boom, back in Oulu. The members here are amazing! Its incredible they are so willing to help us out! It so refreshing! 

This week we are having a focus on getting all the people that we find to do church tours right away with a member friend for the first lesson. We are also looking for our replacement missionary, and a replacement for the Johnson couple that just left, that speak good English and can help the recent young converts feel welcome in the area. For the zone meetings we are going to be focusing on the type of missionary we expected to be before we came into the field, and trying to do what we can to meet those expectations.

Love you all! Take care (=
Sisar Hubner

P.S. Because we are so far north up here, it is so much brighter and warmer…also a lot more mosquitoes! 

Sorry no picture we are at the library and it doesn’t have a spot to connect my chip in....hopefully next week though!

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