Monday, May 19, 2014

Non-stop sunshine and short sleeves, say WHAT?

Man if you have never been to Finland in the summer time you gotta come. Literally, over night summer came, all of a sudden everything is green, the sun never sets, we are coming back at 9pm and it feels like its 12 in the afternoon. I thought summer would never come, it felt like the winter would stay for ever, and just like a light switch its here. The Finns are insanely excited. As my companion Sisar Thayne sings to the tune of a wise man build his house upon a rock --- the sun comes out and the clothes come off. Hahahaaa she’s a hoot, but seriously its crazy, no clothes, when the sun is up! 

So P. is doing good, he wasn’t able to receive the Priesthood this week because for some reason he was in Helsinki again, but hopefully he will be in Tampere next week to receive the Aaronic Priesthood, and be able to baptize his girlfriend's soon to be 8 year old son. So exciting.

As most of you know missionary work is like a roller coaster, blinded folded, you never know what will happen next, the best thing is to enjoy ALL of it. Definitely easier said than done. Most of our investigators have dropped off, or we had to drop them, so we are starting from ground zero......again. It kind of happens a lot. mutta ei se mitään. 

My huge focus this week has been continuing to be grateful for everything that comes our way. No matter what to start thinking more positively. It has been helping a lot. Because we haven't had a lot of people to teach before hand, we have really been trying hard to listen to the Spirit and be lead to those who the Lord has been preparing. It has been amazing to see the Lord's hand in this work. Two cool stories from this week, was that we tried to contact a new investigator but they were at home and we had a lot of extra time, so we decided to head over to our next lesson, and on the way over for some reason this one building just really popped out to me. I thought to my self, hmmm we should go back there some time. Then this idea, that wasn't my own, pops up saying, ''or you could go now.'' I tell Sisar Thayne, and then get this huge realization that this could be the spirit, so we do a 180 and bike over there fast, not really knowing what’s going on, but feeling that there is some one who is ready. We pull up to this neighborhood and start walking and I see this mom and daughter about to walk into their house, so we casually/awkwardly run up to them and start talking. They don’t have too much time to talk but when we start talking about the church and how it strengthens families, she said to come back on Saturday and wanted to talk more. It was way cool to see that, even though I was a little slow on the prompting, the Lord let us still catch them before they walked into the house. 

Yesterday, we were headed to pick our new investigator up for church. He said that he was busy going to another church service, and that he couldn't come. So then I start praying in my heart, we are on a bus and trying to figure out where the Lord needs us to be. I ask Him, and get this strong feeling to get off the bus. So we jump off the bus and start walking back to this place that I was feeling we needed to go. On the way over we were able to stop and teach this lady about the Love her Father in Heaven has for her. Then we kept walking after the teach, and for some reason this woman who is walking down to her apartment, catches my eye. I start to second-guess it, and then realize what I’m doing and tell Sisar Thayne we gotta go follow this lady. We are pretty behind at this point, but we pick up the pace, and then all of a sudden she turns down a corner and is out of sight. So now we ask ourselves the question of what do we need to do while we are here. We see this mom and two kids playing in the sand box, so we go over and ask for directions and start talking to them, so the 8 year old son is soooooo smart, he is talking about how he loves to ponder about things, and started talking about nuclear energy, and we started to talk about the church and he is really interested, and we give the Mom a book of Mormon and she is very touched by it, but doesn’t want to set anything up before she reads and thinks about it. Her son is really into it, and we hope that he too reads the Book of Mormon. While we were walking away, both Sisar Thayne and I get the strongest feeling that, that little 8year old boy is going to serve a mission when he is older. 

It’s so humbling to be a little part of this huge work. We have been trying every day to find ''the one'' for the day. The one we can help, the one we can lift, the one who is prepared, and it has been awesome to look back and point out each day the one that we were sent to serve and help. Though God must be pretty busy with the billions of people in the world. He is your Father. He loves you. He is also their Father. He has sent us, and called each one of us to find ''the one'' of the day. You can be an answer to some one's prayer today. How can you do it? Through prayer, and acting on the spirit, YOU can be and make the difference in someone’s day TODAY! You can help them feel loved, and remember their purpose. You will never regret it. Pray for courage, and then DO IT! Don’t think too much about it, just do it. It’s worth it.(=

Love you all, hope you are enjoying the summer just as much as we are!

(This quote Alayna included in one of her personal letters home:  

“There is no comfort in the growth zone and no growth in the comfort zone.” I think about this a lot!) 


Sisar Hubner

P: S. I was sitting on the couch during lunchtime waiting for my food, to warm up and Sisar Thayne tried to be funny and pretends to pour yogurt on my face. The only issue is that she tipped it too far and it actually landed all over my face and hair!!! Haha couldn’t get too mad because I would probably have accidently done the same thing. Sometimes our companionship is like Dumb and dumber, love this life!

P.P.S. These pictures are fresh from today! We decided to go to the Särkäniemi Tower, it was amazing! Love P-days!

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