Monday, February 24, 2014

Jämsä. who even knows where that is?

Moro Perheni ja others! So man, crazy good week this week. Also just a fact that you all know it is currently 6 degree C outside right now! It feels like summer time! We are loving it and so are the Finns!

So with change calls, Sisar Egan aka my Mom is leaving Tampere and going to Espoo. Shout out to her for being amazing and teaching me all that I know. We went to Pyynigin Torni which is this tower that over looks Tampere, it was amazing and the picture at the bottom is of us at the top of the tower with Näsi Järvi behind us! 

Storming the Castle
This week we were doing splits in Jyväskylä, and we had been really focusing on following the spirit and talking with everyone. So we had just done a few doors and were on our way back home at the end of the day and decided to do a role-play of what we could have done better from the last door contact. Turns out this role-play was pretty inspired, as usual. We were on our way back and I saw this guy who was just a little bit ahead of us, and I turned to my companion for the day and said, lets speed up so that we can talk and walk with him. So we are about to reach him when he stop and talks to his friend on the street, for a couple nano-seconds I was bummed, because I automatically thought that they were too busy. But then we decided why not let’s Storm this Castle, and stop and say hi to these two punk guys. It was the best teach I have had in a long time. These two guys, one is a Finnish rapper (with a New Yorker accent when he spoke in English.....crazy), and the other one is an Iranian Finn.

They opened up about religion and their relationship with God, and how they hate how much people drink here (yes, they are Finns). It was way funny because they were so caught off guard that we had stopped and talked to them and they introduce themselves and asked who we were and when I said Sisar, they asked if we were Nuns, not gunna lie because they were punk kids I pulled a little of my NY sass out and said, ''Umm do I look like a Nun to you?'' Haha they then asked if we were gunna talk about Jesus Christ, and I told them joo tottakai, if they want to talk about Him, we would love to.  The role-play we had just done fit in perfectly and we talked to them for almost 45 minutes, taught them the whole restoration. The spirit was so strong and they were surprisingly very open to it, we had a return appointment set up, and at the end they said, Hey maybe we should become Mormon, niin että we could have some sober friends to hang out with on the weekends. And as we were parting ways they even thanked us for stopping and talking to them and that they were grateful we didn't judge for the way they were dressed but that we stopped and talked to them and that they want to play basketball with us sometime too. The Iranian Finn said that when we come over next week that his mom is super nice and will make us Tea. Hahaaa sweeeet.  It was such a natural teach and we were able to apply the restoration to their lives. Such a huge reminder that Christ was no respecter of persons, and neither should we, sometimes, the least likely person is the one who is prepared for the gospel. 

After such an awesome day, we jump on the train and head home back to Tampere. You would think the adventures end there.........but no. So we are on the train and trying to figure out our seat when the conductor comes and tells us that actually we have the wrong tickets and that it was from 7am not 7pm. Didn’t even think twice about the difference on the ticket from 7 and 19. Anyway, he says that don't worry we can just buy another ticket. Using a credit chip card, that will be around 66 Euros, turns out we only have debit cards, with no chip..... So he says okay just pay in cash.......right, about that.... in total we have only 14 Euros. So we ask him where the next stop is. He says Jämsä. WHAYT?? Who even knows where Jämsä is? And the tickets are 13 Euros......each......but he had pity on us and gave us a discount and made it clear that we were getting kicked off at Jämsä. So the next stop comes, we shamefully jump off into the unknown world of Jämsä. Thank goodness we have an amazing office staff who was then able to order us ticket for the next train to Tampere which came 3 hours 10pm. So we hit the streets of Jämsä, find a Lidl store. Where we get Päivälinen, buy some Naan bread that we are excited to try, ask a Finn missä Jämsä on? (where is Jämsä) he answers, ''Te olette Jämsässä'' You are in Jämsä. Hahahha thank you for the information, I didn't realize that is where we are at. hahah 

Anyways, turns out the train station has this really nice warm waiting room. Sisar Pack and I get so excited that the Lord truly is looking out for us. We get nice and situated and wait for the train, open our Naan bread and it is disgusting, so gross and then we read on the package, ''Cook thoroughly until it is piping hot before eating.'' Great. Anyways, put that aside, and then a security guard comes and tell us that the waiting room is closed now. So we get kicked out in the cold, an hour to wait, uncooked Naan bread. Whose idea was that anyway (.....hahah may or may not have been my genius idea) Good news is we had an over night bag with clothes in it. So I put on all the extra clothes I had, a pair of sweatpants over my leggins, another pair of socks, three more shirts, and another pair of gloves., and was still freezing cold. Finally the train came, 15 minutes later then expected, and we finally made our way home. The Zone leaders had to pick us up, bless their hearts. And the district leader told us to call him when we were safe at home. He picks up the phone at 11:30 and answers ''Hello? Who is this'' (in a really sleepy voice. Hahaha when we asked him about it the next day at District meeting, turns out he has no recollection of ever talking to us last night, and he answered the phone in his sleep!

Man this is going to be a great transfer. I can feel it in my bones. But seriously miracles are already happening and the 21 days of love is going great! I love being a missionary, so much fun. If you can enjoy the moments even in the hard times, imagine how great the joy will be when the workload is lighted and things are going smoother. 

So we have been trying to bring members out with us whenever we are meeting with our investigators, and we had set up an appointment from one of the potentials in our phone. This sisar from our ward who is older, but very much into missionary work came, and for some reason the man we were supposed to meet was not at home, so thank goodness for a good back up plan, we decided to contact some potentials in that area. Though we got no where with the potentials, Sisar S. kept asking if we could knock on more doors, so we said sure, we had already done some and it was Sisar Packs turn to start it off, so I am standing behind the door and this really, not in a nice mood lady answers the door and says, ''KUKA SÄ OOT?''(who are you!?) and Sisar Pack without even thinking says, ''Olen Sisar Hubner!'' Hahaha I was dying she accidently just introduced herself as me to this angry Finn. So luckily I’m behind the door so the lady doesn't see me laughing, and then Sisar Pack realizes what she has just said, and sees me laughing and loses it, and is trying really hard to hold this laugh in, and so Sisar S. takes control of the situation and starts talking to this vihainen lady who asks to see her Finnish ID and right as she is pulling it out the lady says that she doesn't care and doesn't have time but SIsar S. is determined to show her, her ID when she slams the door in our face.....I was still laughing from SIsar Pack trying to be me. Man too funny, ya gotta laugh at the small things on the mission.

But good news is the next door that we knocked on was a 19 year old girl (we have been praying specifically to find our replacement.) At first she was kind of closed off but we kept talking to her naturally and not giving her a memorized speech but got to know her and applied the gospel to her life. Sisar S. testimony made all the difference, and we were able to set up a return appointment with teaching almost all of the restoration, and her promising to pray about it that night. It was great, it makes our missionary work so much more fun when we take members out with us and the Lord always blesses those times we spend out on the streets with the members.

I love you all, and the last picture was taken in honor of my dad, Chocolate covered chili pepper, yum right? 

 Love ya Isä!
Take care, and remember how blessed you are!

Sisar Hubner

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