Monday, February 10, 2014

Awesome Week of Slush

So I’m not sure if any of you have noticed but there has been some funky weather patterns going on. About two weeks ago it was -20-25 degrees, sooo cold, and then this week it has solidly been around 0 degrees, which feels so hot now and all the snow has been turning into slush. Also the picture behind us is of this area that in the summer is a soccer area, and in the winter they pour water over it and it turns into a hockey rink, its crazy its all over the place, like ever block has a hockey, skating rink!

This week number wise was a total failure, but it was actually a great week! President Rawlings was doing interviews this week, and I always learn so much from him. So I have really working on switching my whole focus on this mission to love. Being full with this love, praying always to help me get over the flip-flop of either 100% or 0% but always making sure that love is 100%. To look beyond what I think is the greater good, and ask the Lord what really is needed in this moment. Remembering to pray always, really emulating what that means. About not looking at people as numbers or being stressed about how to get it over to the gospel but to live love, make eye contact, smile, and ask good questions. In most of the situations we both walked away filling uplifted and the person we were talking to had a smile on her/his face. 

Also I have really been focusing this week on having a smile, it has also been a way to help me remember to pray always and be filled with love. It sounds cheesy maybe but whenever I'm starting to feel stressed or anything I just start to smile, I feel so much better and recognize the good. If you want to feel happier instantly smile! Its contagious even when people disagree with what we are saying, they can't help but be a little more liberated because of the happiness that we have and show! Also found a bomb awesome scripture on smiling this week! 3 Nefi 19:25, 30. You never know who your smile will affect (:

So a cool story about praying always this week was that everything Perjantaina (on Friday) cancelled, so we had to complete blank day scenario so we prayed really hard to know what we should do, and went out and hit the streets. We were going to hit up a couple potentials and formers that lived in the area and all of them either weren't home, the door was locked, or we couldn't find the building. But instead of getting frustrated, we prayed, and decided we needed to get creative. Earlier on we had walked pasted this Asian food store. My companion asks me, ‘‘so what now?'' and all of a sudden I get this huge craving to get some Japanese candy. So we decide to go to the store and while we are waiting at the light, there is this lady next to me, and we start talking and she tells us that she is going to the Asian store too, we get this awesome teach in and she says that she does a lot of Christian things with the group that she is in and would love to meet! Then we go to stop by this members place and she's not there so we are about to leave, but I stop and look at the names that are on the board and this one name just pops out so I ask my companion what she thinks about it and we decide why not. Turns out this lady is so open to the gospel and tells us that what we are saying about the restoration sounds right, and that she wants to come to church this week! Then on the way out there was a man at the bus stop we start talking to, and he straight out says that he has been contemplating the meaning of life, why we are here and where we are going. We were able to teach him about the plan of salvation. Such an amazing day, blessings were pouring out from praying always and being led by the spirit. And acting on the random thoughts that were popping into our heads
Also another really awesome thing this week was that yesterday we were coming home from church. Can I really fast just say how much I love the ward here? They are so giving and really care for others! Man, they are the best. Any who back to Sunday night we hop on the busses back home, and you know its miracle Sunday, so we got to make something happen. So the lady I’m sitting next to I start talking to her we have a good convo, she gets off the bus. Then I wait and decide to talk to the lady in front of me about her bag, have a decent convo then she gets off. So at this point there is no one around me to talk to so I can either chill out, or move spots. So I notice that a former investigator had gotten on the bus. I’m not sure how well this is going to go, but I say a prayer and just go with it, and so up and sit next to her. We have a pretty good discussion, and then she gets off. But I am determined at this point to get something to happen. So I turn to the lady behind me and ask a stupid question like, ''SO you do you think the lake is still frozen?'' (hahah it was the first thing that came to mind) any who she didn’t really understand my question but then she is like ''Hey, We talked before, remember me? You gave me this card and I promised that I would call but I lost the card but I still really want to talk.'' WHATT?? This is awesome, this lady I had talked to about 2 months ago. She was from Mexico and when she was younger, as a child, the missionaries visited her family and she still remembers a little bit about the Book of Mormon and wants to learn more! We swapped contact info and she invited us over to her place! So awesome, its crazy to see how the Lord works, he tested me to talk to 3 people on the same 20 minute bus ride before He put someone in my way that was actually prepared. 
I testify that this is the Lord's church. He leads and guide it. He has called me, as weak and uncourageous as I am, to represent Him. I am so humbled that He trusts me enough to help this work along. I know that there is a special power in prayer, the Lord is waiting to help if we will but ask, and then humble ourselves enough to listen and act. He will not forsake us. He knows each and everyone of us perfectly and its not a surprise to Him what happens to us, normally its part of the plan.  So ask Him to help you become the person you want and that He wants you to be. 
Have an awesome week!

Sisar Hubner

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