Monday, February 3, 2014

It Starts With One!

HELSINKI almost all week!  It really was an amazing week for us to be physically feed from the amazing office staff, and also spiritually feed. Reminding us of really what our purpose is here, to love these people, to love our companions, to show to them that they have worth and are sons and daughters of a king. That it all starts from with one. Not focusing on numbers but loving the person in front of us. Missionary work will always fluctuate but when we focus on the people and really seeing them as children of our Father, and seeing the people they can become, our work will be consistent and with the spirit.

We had some funny things happen this week going on splits, gotta love them. Also had an amazing opportunity to go the Helsinki, Finland temple with my two favorite people, Sisar Egan and Sisar Nielsen. It was so amazing. It is the reason why we are on missions. It is literally heaven on earth, so peaceful, so amazing; I want everyone to be able to make it to the temple and feel of the love and peace that is there. 

Wow, I have no time to write, but I love you all. I challenge all of you to try to love the trials you have everyday, and love every aspect of life because it only happens once.  Try to look around and lift the hands that hang low, whose hearts are broken. This is why we are here on earth is to find ‘‘the one'' and give them the love they need and deserve and bring them back ''home.''

Wish I had more time, mutta hyvä viikoa teille (=

Sisar Hubner

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