Monday, January 20, 2014

Sunshine in Finland- MITÄ?

So basically Finland is GORGEOUS! 

Its been pretty freezing cold around -17 C everyday and so literally our nose hairs freeze, our hair freezes, our scarves freeze, or eyelashes freeze. Its quite the experience if you care to try, go into a massive freezer and stand there for about 3 hours, then you’ll get a little picture of what’s going on over here. Also while walking to a lesson with a member we saw a dog run up to a pole, lick it, get his tongue stuck, rip it off, and then start yelping and crying....... Sisar Pack, the dog walker, and I were so shocked. Then we busted out laughing, it was incredible.

 Frozen scarf, hair, nose, eyelashes, bomb awesome companion, in Finland = life is good

 So on Monday our investigator stiffed us, so we decided to try and contact a less active, we were lost for about an hour in the freezing cold, finally found her house, the lights were on, and....she didn’t open the door! Then we ended up walking home, and were outside straight for 3 hours, needless to say, I LOVE HOT CHOCOLATE, makes the day coming home and warming up to that! Also, Tuesday we were knocking on our 10 doors after another investigator stiffed us, and we were getting really frustrated, so we said a prayer for the Lord to help us. The next door we knock on, is a half naked Man about to go to the sauna...The Lord definitely has a sense of humor, Sisar Pack had no clue how to react so she just kept on talking to him and teaching him. It was pretty funny. Then the next house the lady opened the door with a disgusted look on her face and told us it was very cold and we were letting the warm air escape, and to continue our journey. Hahaaa your telling me, we know how cold it is. 

We are still going through a slight rough patch; wish the refiners fire were a little warmer. But this mission was never meant to be easy, but it will be worth it. I love these people so much, with all my heart and we are trying so hard to become the missionaries that the Lord needs. I read in John this week chap. 13-17. Please read this. This is our life long goal, to be filled with the Savior's love, to be obedient to all his commandments not because its convenient for us or because we want the blessing, but because we love Him and want His spirit to be with us. Our power source is the atonement.  We are using it daily to improve, to wash away our sins, to try harder the next day, and then share the peace that comes from this. He is the way, He overcame the world, He suffered alone, so that we would never have to suffer by ourselves.

Good story of the week is that we were able to get a lot of member to come with us to our lessons, and we were praying for the Spirit to be with us, and it was such a great day, we could feel the difference, our investigators felt the difference and we were working hand in hand with the members it was really great!

Personal study each morning has become so sacred for me, a time to unwind, to feel the Love of my Savior, to refocus and remember that Hope is never lost, and that miracles happen. I keep learning more and more every week that you can't just consecrate yourselves once, and be good. Its about consecrating yourself everyday, to remember why, have that motivation and pray to the Lord for more. 

Sorry that this email is so scatter-brained, just a little bit of my thoughts. 

I love you all so much, remember to find joy in the journey, smell the flowers, tell your Mother you love her. (Mom, I love you in case you haven't picked up on that!)

Puhutaan myöhemmin ystävini,

Sisar Hubner

pic 2. all the lakes are completely frozen over! This place is ridiculously beautiful!

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