Monday, January 13, 2014


Sorry I’m so late in writing so this is going to be a short letter because I have no time. 

IT FINALLY SNOWED!!! Yay, its around -15 C now so its getting to be more normal, the Finns have been so frustrated because this has been the weirdest Winters in history and they keep saying that they cant remember a Christmas without snow. It so beautiful here when it snows with this winter wonderland!

So basically, just when you think the refiners fire is over...its not. Its okay though because this is the best experience in my life, and I know how important this work is. This year is the beginning of the second harvest and to start it off we are doing a 40 day fast, type thing that will last three months, and one companionship everyday will be fasting and praying for all of Finland and the missionary work here. We are focusing all our efforts and times to really lay down or ''weapons of rebellion'' whatever they may be and then consecrate our whole selves to the Lord and to this work, to stand as a witness of our Lord and Savior. To strengthen and lift each other, so as a whole we will be edified. 

A lot of inspiration came on Sunday about finding those who are searching, and they might be the foreigners who are looking for love, this light, and this direction. One of the ladies in the other ward her son was baptized and about 7 Pilipino families came and a couple non-member Finnish people came, it was so exciting for all of the wards to see all these people coming to church. It filled the church with a different light that is brought through the different varieties of cultures.

This week way, way awesome in getting members to come out with us for a couple of hours. We have been working with the V. family in the ward for a while, and we have been doing service over there about once a week, and really have been trying to build up their confidence in doing missionary work. We went through the role plays a couple times about giving a Mormonin Kirja away, and gave them the challenge to do it before the next time we came back. Then the next time when we came back they said they wrote their testimony in it, but are too scared to give it away. So one of the missionaries in our ward came up with this idea, that if our members haven't given the Mormonin Kirja away before the next time we come then we take them out with us for an hour or two and have them give it away with us, and teach them how to do it (iloistava idea). So we arranged a time to go out with Sisar V. and she told us she had been praying to have the courage to give the MK away. So before we went out we prayed together for the Lord to give us an opportunity to give this Mormonin Kirja to someone. We walk up the hill and the first person we stop and talk with is so prepared and we have a great discussion about the MK and Sisar V. was able to give the MK to her, and she is now one of our potentials. Sisar V. was so excited that the Lord really did answer her prayers and answered fast! We also contacted a former with her, and Sisar V. was the key for us getting a return appointment. The Lord especially blesses the work when members come out and work with the missionaries to learn how to become better missionaries. So if you are reading this and thinking about it, DO IT, call up the missionaries and ask when you can come out with them, practice with them how you and help what you can say and do to help them. It doesn’t matter if you think you are too busy! Make time, and the Lord will bless you for it!

I hope this letter finds you all well. 
Please ask the Lord TODAY who you can help, who is waiting for you to bring them back home, back to their Father in Heaven, who can be blessed by YOUR testimony. Then act when the spirit prompts you, you wont ever regret it.

Sisar Hubner

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