Monday, December 16, 2013


Oh my good heavens. So we received our change calls this week, and we knew that new sisters were going to be coming into Tampere so we don’t have to serve in two wards anymore, which will be nice to really focus in on one.

So we waited all night for the phone call, nothing came, then we waited painfully all morning long, and then finally at noon President Rawlings called us and gave us the news, that I will be staying in Tampere 2, which is in the same apartment that I am living and know the area, but we really haven’t been able to focus on Tampere 2 because Tampere 1 we have found a lot of investigators. Anyways, Sisar Egan will be moving to the other side of Tampere,

And drum roll................I will be training a new companion fresh from the MTC! OHHHH MY GOODNESS GRACIOUS, say what? I just finished my own training, there are about 40 other sisters who have more experience and are way more qualified then me and the Lord has called me to train this precious new sister. Holy moly not going to lie I feel very intimidated, I am still very new to all of this, I still am getting to language down, but I have been praying really hard about it and I KNOW that if the Lord has called me to do this and if He knows that I can do it, then with his help I can do this. I think one of the big reasons that I am training is 1) I haven't been here long enough to learn what ''impossible'' is in this mission 2) I have been working so hard, and praying so hard to do what our Father wants, and finding those who He is putting in our path 3) I have a vision for Tampere 2 and with a lot of help from our Savior and Heavenly Father, and an awesome greenie who is on fire, I know that miracles will start happening.

Still in shock about all this information, the awesome news too is that my dear friend and last companion Sisar Nielson who is my twin, is also training! Wow, we are the only two sisaret from our age group that came into Finland 2 transfers ago that are already starting to train. One thing for sure is that the Lord definitely has a sense of humor! I pray I can do what He needs me to do in Tampere.

Also we had a Joulu Juhlat, Christmas party and we had a little part in it, so we decided after a while of thinking and consulting other missionaries about their plans was to do the cup routine (from pitch perfect) and sing oh come all ye faithful. Wow we finally got the elders to grow their coordination and we preformed and oh my, the ward LOVE IT, they thought it was the coolest thing ever! And pispa, the bishop took a video of it and hopefully I can send it some day. It was way cool.

Also we had three of our friends that we have been teaching come to church with us, and it really was amazing experience for us all, we really have been trying to focus on the little things like praying daily so they can get their own answers to their prayers and gain their own testimonies, daily scripture reading and getting their spiritual fill and enlightenment from them, and then church attendance.

I have to run but I love you all and hope you are safe and pidää hauska this Christmas season and think about what the Savior Jesus Christ means to you and how you can share this Christmas light with others,

Hyvää Joulua!

Sisar Hubner

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