Tuesday, December 3, 2013


Well Folks, this past week was way rough, probably one of the hardest on my mission mainly because we have been working hard to follow counsel and yet we keep seeing our investigators who we care so much for and love and prayer for them all the time many have told us that they don't jaksaa (to feel like) or what they have is enough. It has been hard to see them using their agency in a way that won't bring them lasting happiness, and we see them struggling with addictions and depression and yet they won't even try this new life style, that will bring them so much peace and joy. Sisar Egan and I have not given up faith or hope, our hearts have just been a little sad for our friends who don't want to progress. We are trying to follow all the counsel and continually improving so that we can become the missionaries that the Lord needs, and to show to the Lord that we will follow the promptings of the Holy Ghost and be lead to those people who are prepared to and to pray for more courage when our own is not enough. 

We were given the wonderful chance to fast this Sunday and really show to the Lord our faith and ask him for his help. Because we remembered that we normally do not receive many blessings until after a trial of our faith. It gets harder before it gets better, because the Lord knows what we can handle and what will make us better. We have been going through the refiners fire and definitely feeling the heat, but we keep pressing onwards because we know how much this gospel means and how this can change people's lives. I have seen so many miracles in my life and I am here in freezing Finland to share this light with the Finnish people. We were below our number for finding new investigators and even though we worked really hard this week to find, for some reason we came up short. It was Sunday night after church, we knelt down and prayed to the Lord to help us find ''the one.'' We walked out of the church and asked the Lord to put the prepared people in our path and help us have the courage to talk to them and the Holy Ghost to know what to say to them. The first person we stopped, was so surprised that we actually wanted to talk to her, and we had a great conversation about finding lasting happiness and our purpose in this life, we set up a return appointment and she was so excited that we had met that as we turned to walk away, she ran up and gave us both hugs! From then on out the rest of the night was amazing, we got a few awesome potentials and some really good teaches. The people we stopped and talked to were way more open then they had been from the past week because they felt our love and our happiness and wanted to talk to us. It really was a miracle! We asked the Lord to help us then asked for courage to do it, and He literally handed us miracles!

Also shout out to my amazing cousin Taylor! I love her soooo much and want her to know that no matter what I am always here for you! Keep fighting the good fight tay-tay (=

Hey! So one picture is my crazy desk every morning because I'm studying from so many books and writing so many notes!

Funny note of the day, my companion Sisar Egan, was reading in Ether 3:1 where is talks about the brother of Jared taking stones out of a molten rock and we were wondering what that even means. So we looked down to the footnote next to that part, and it said TG Skill. Laughed so hard at that, if anyone wanted to know, Brother of Jared for sure had skill!

Our First official snow that stayed! It so beautiful and also very cold! Its about -8 degrees Celsius. I'm not sure what that is in Fahrenheit but its VERY cold!! (Brenda again....17 degrees Fahrenheit).  And its just going to get colder, So excited to put on all the layers that I have (= love you all!!

I love you all so much! Our Mission President gave us a prophecy that if we get the basics down of Preach my Gospel and have faith to find and bring people to Christ and to finding this everlasting light, then by this time next year when we get iPads and computers, this mission will be the most efficient mission in the world and thousands will be brought into the church.!! Way awesome, we are trying our hardest with the Lord's help to be ready for that day!

Stay safe and stay happy. I love you

Sisar Hübner


We had our first legit snow that has stayed, and it even got down to -11 degrees Celsius! Way cold! (Brenda here....that means 12 degrees Fahrenheit)

 The other picture is of me with my advent calender, its of Despicable Me and it reminds me every morning of my favorite little minions!

This is a picture of me before I got my cavity filled! Thought you would enjoy it!

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