Monday, November 18, 2013

Week of Referrals and Miracles

First off this week was wayyyyy amazing.  My testimony of following counsel and the power of prayer has really grown. 

Sisar Egan and I have really been working together to do all things cheerfully and help people not only hear but see the happiness that we are talking about this gospel bringing. I have realized more and more when we feel light and happy it is from the Lord when we dread going outside, or starting a new day, that is not the Holy Ghost and that is not from our Heavenly Father. We need to pray to find the miracles each day, to love the person in front of us, to see the person that they can become. 

We have really been focusing on praying for families and asking people for referrals. We went over to a member’s house and listened to her amazing conversion story. Up until this point we have never had any success with asking for referrals but this week we have really been trying to apply all the counsel that has been given to us. So after her inspiring conversion story and we asked her if there is anyone that she knows that we can help or bring more joy and happiness to their lives. She got very excited and said that she had been working with some people that are ready now for us to contact and she gave us a list of 9 referrals! Mahtava! It gets even better from there after they fed us food, and we were about to leave she got very excited again and said that she wanted to contact one of her friends with us. So we all went over to her friends house, who has this beautiful family, and we had an amazing discussion.   They had a lot of really good questions and turns out they have come to church before with the member that we were with. They agreed for a time we could come back and bring them lunch. I have learned that when we truly follow all counsel the Lord has given us, he will provide a way and will answer our prayers. We ended up with 10 total referrals for the day, 1 contacted, a family of investigators and a member that is so excited to come out with us next week to find more investigators!

This week we have been focusing on talking to everyone and taking the time to make sure when we have a great opportunity of 20 min to sit next to someone and share the gospel on the bus, and invite these people to change their lives. As nerve racking and as awkward as it is sometimes, we were determined to follow counsel. We were in one area this day with a member and trying to decide if we should stay in the area or if we should get on a bus and go back to the center. We prayed together on the street and we all had a strong feeling to hop onto the bus that was coming. As soon as I got on, I knew I needed to sit next to this young man, (we were praying to find future priesthood holders) we started talking and the discussion turned to religion and turns out that he has visited our church a couple of times before. We had a great discussion on prayer and luckily we got off at the same stop and he said that he would love to meet again and discuss more! We prayed for a future priesthood holder and we found one!

As we have been focusing on talking to everyone, it sometimes is harder on the streets near the center where it is more busy, but we were on our way to meet a member and we see two guys walking down the street. So I whisper to Sisar Egan, ''Lets give them the word.'' We stopped them and start talking and turns out they know a little bit about our prophet, and that they are open to learning more, we swapped numbers and later that night they texted us asking when we can meet, so we invite them to Stake conference, and the next day one of them came! After conference, he asked if we could sit down and talk more about what we believe and our prophet, we grabbed a member and our new investigator asks if his two friends that are waiting outside can come in too. So we ended up having a member teach on the spot with these 3 investigators and set up another time to meet and discuss. So in total just from this experience we found 5 new investigators and they are all future priesthood holders! When we listen to counsel and follow the Lord, He really will bless us. When we do what we promise the Lord is bond to his word, and He never fails. 

So we last minute called a member to come to our two investigator lesson and she agreed and came to it, one investigator has been investigators for years and doesn’t have a testimony of Joseph Smith but is basically a member and has even read all of Preach my Gospel before! Anyways, after that lesson we met another investigator at our friends house and watched "Finding Faith in Christ" and committed him to baptism and he said that he wanted to follow Christ's example and become clean through baptism, but because of his religious background he shared with us that if his family finds out, then he will be in a lot of danger, and it is against our rules to teach if they will be in danger. So now we can't teach him anymore, due to his safety and it broke my heart because he really does want to follow the example of his Lord and Savior. I know that one day he will be able to join this gospel without living in fear that his life might be taken away. 

So two funny stories of the week, one, we got a call from the mission president and he says, ''is this Sisar Hubner’’. I say yes. He says '' I just received word from your parents...'' my heart literally dropped to the floor! I thought that he was going to tell me that someone in my family died or something terrible happened. After a long pause he says, ''your parents said that you have a tooth problem that needs to be fixed.'' Oh my goodness almost gave me a heart attack, and turns out it just about fixing my tooth! Hahahhaa so funny, I didn’t recover from that one for a good ten minutes. 

Other funny story this cute 18 year old girl from our ward came out with us for the day to come to lessons, and we saw this cute old lady looking sad and staring out the window so I say, hay lets go up and talk to her. So we go up into the building and try and find her door, no answer, so we try the next one to see if we got the wrong one, and this old man answers the door butt naked........our poor member, is now scarred for life, hahahha he said to not come back, and you know what I think we will listen to him! 

Anyways got to go, I love you all, the picture is an old one from last transfer with Nielsen, my camera is dead so no recent pictures for a while

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