Thursday, November 14, 2013

Tempere For Life

I don’t have very much time to write but this week has been pretty hard. We are struggling to get support from the members, they are terrified to share the gospel and have very little hope in us finding people. Excited for Stake conference this week when its going to be all about member missionary work. 

Its getting so dark here very early and its pretty cold, soon I’ll have to pull out the winter coat and put on a couple more pairs of thermal leggings.

Good news from the week
Power of the Holy Ghost:
We have an investigator who we set a baptismal date, but then she said that she couldn't follow through with it the next, and didn't want to be pushed. But we kept meeting with her and she would read all the chapters in the Book of Mormon that we would give her, and she would pull stuff out of it and apply it to herself. She always said that she wasn't comfortable praying because she didn't know if she believed in God. This week she didn't do the reading we gave her, so we went back and we read Alma 32 together and she was really touched, and said that she wants to grow her faith, and that the Book of Mormon explains it so simply. She also asked us how do we know which chapters to give her that really stick with her and is just what we she needed to read? We told her that we pray about it. Then we went on to teaching about the restoration of the Priesthood, I shared a personal story about how priesthood blessing have blessed my life and that right now we know that she doesn't know this yet but she can lean on our testimonies for a little while until she gets her own, and tied it back into faith and that she has to take the first step to find out if this is true.She said, ''actually I was going to surprise you guys today Im ready to try and pray and I want to come to church!'' She said this beautiful prayer and asked the Lord to bless us to find people and thanked Him for letting us met her and teach he!!! I love her to death! The best part was at the end of the prayer she said, ''Did you guys feel the holy ghost? Because when you guys pray, I just get the way of the Spirit.'' She is so amazing and I pray for her so much that she will gain a testimony of this gospel.

Also it was Father's Day yesterday in Finland! So Happy Father's day Dad! I love you and I am grateful to you for showing the way and having the priesthood and helping me be prepared to serve a mission! You are the most humble, amazing, and awesomest Dad in the whole world. Thank you for serving the Lord on a mission to Germany when you were younger, and Thank you for serving our Country for all these years as a doctor in the military. I want to be just like you when I grow up!

This week I was eating Salmiaki, this salty black licorice that all Finns love and I am trying to get used to it, and I was chewing on it and it totally pulled my filling out of my mouth! Sorry Mom, its looking like I might need to take a trip to the Hammaslaakari (tooth doctor). This week we made a deal with our investigator that if she came to our church that we would go to her church. So that was 10 hours of church yesterday and my brain was fried. So much Finnish, so little time. We were able to witness what the Lutherans believe and what their services are like, it was in a huge beautiful church, but it was hard to feel the Spirit there, and when they  were about to do the sacrament they started playing the drums and this crazy loud music, it was definitely different, but I am glad that we went because I feel like I know how to better teach these people!

 Heres another story from this week, we had a couple lessons set up and all of them had fallen through, we were about to get frustrated when we realized that President had just given us instructions on what to do when we have a blank day scenario. So we pulled the map book out, prayed about an area to go to, made a list of members, less actives, and a couple formers that we could visit and we left the apartment with a little more hope and purpose. We were able to visit an investigator at her work place, we tried to visit the member and former but neither were home, so we decided to tract 10 doors, we found one man walking down the street that looked so sad, so we went over to talk to him, and he ended up telling us about his living alone and how lonely and sad it is, and we started to talk to him about how we can find joy and lasting happiness, he invited us to come over the next week, and ended walking away with a huge smile on his face. Also while tracting we found another investigator that has a small family and said that he would read the Pelastussuunnitelma pamphlet. What started off as a frustrating blank day, turned out to be a really awesome day and we found 2 new investigators and were able to make some other people smile on the way. The Blank day Scenario really does work, Im so grateful for an awesome inspired president!

Also funny tracting story of the week, we knocked on this door and the 25 year old man opens the door half naked, and holding a spatula with browny mix on it, he was very surprised to see us as well so were we, there was a couple seconds of awkward silence, and he said I am so sorry now is not a good time but you can come back later. After he closed the door Egan and I were laughing so hard, and as we were walking away we heard laughter on the other side of the door. Hahaa got to love tracting!

Well I love you all, keep safe, and keep spreading the good word!

Sisar Hubner

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