Tuesday, October 29, 2013

A Little Service Goes A Long Way

So I don’t have much time again. But I did want to share a story from this week. 

So Sisar Egan and I were walking over to this apartment to contact a referral and we saw this lady walking towards us with a lot of bags in her hands. Of course we went over and asked her if we could help her carry any thing and to our surprise (all the Finns that I have ever talked to always refuse help) she said that we could help carry her grocery bags. So we start walking over to her apartment and she is asking us what we represent and why we are here. We start telling her our purpose and why we want to help and we get to her door and expect her to take the bags tell us thanks and send us off. But when we get to her house she asks us if we have time to sit and talk. Egan and I are way thrilled to hear this and come in and start talking to her and find out that she is Lutheran, just like everyone in Finland, but this past summer she has been looking for something more and started to visit different churches. At the end of our lesson we set up a return appointment and I feel like I should ask her if she has any questions that we can talk about next time. I awkwardly translated it, for some reason my Finnish was struggling putting this sentence together, and Sisar Egan is confused to why I am asking this. But this lady sits there for a good 3 minutes thinking about my question and then simply and sincerely says, ''When you pray to God, does he actually answer you?'' We were then able to teach and testify to her about something that she has really been wondering about, and that would truly apply to her life. I have such a strong testimony of praying always in lessons so that inspired questions will be asked and then we can discern and teach our friends to their needs. 

Funny story of the week, we had just come from a meeting with the Ward Mission leader and so it was Sisar Egan, the two new elders in our ward, and I waiting for our busses. When it finally came I tried to hop on it really fast, but little did I know I was actually trying to go through the opening door the wrong way, and got smushed in the door of the bus. Too funny, gotta laugh at the little things. I'm sure I always keep Sisar Egan amused with my stupidity some times.

Also this week we are trying very hard to follow council of our Mission President and working to make this week really a week to remember, we are trying to SYL more often and get members at our teaches with us, and setting baptismal dates. With the Lord all things are possible, and I know that so many people are praying for the missionaries, this next week is going to be Mahtava!
Sisar Egan and I are training to become the next APs

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