Friday, July 19, 2013

So I've made it to a whole month at the MTC. For alot of people that is a life time here! Most people only stay here for 15 days, and we are only half way through! I'm not complaining though because I have so much more to learn about for the language, any extra time is definently needed. The days are all starting to mesh together so its hard for me to remember what has happened this week, so Ill try to recap as much as possible.
First off thanks to all those who have written me, means alot of hear back from home. Also thanks Dad for all the advice on how to be the best missionary and companion that I can be. I hope the military medical academy that you spoke at was a good experience especially for Arianna to be there and listen to that! Its pretty awesome when you can brag to your missionary friends that you dad is a hero! Mom, I hope girl camp went great and was a good experience for you and all the other young womans! Also to Aunt Karly its was great to hear about whats going on with dallin, I actually keep running into him at random places!

So at Devotional this tuesday, Richard Hinckley, Emeritus General Authority, talked and it was really great to hear what he had to say. I was in the choir and we sang Nearer my God to thee and our friend is way good at singing alto, so we all tried (easier said then done) but it was really fun and while I was singing it I got the goose bumps and felt the spirit so strongly, thinking about how close the Lord is here for us especially as missionaries, the key to being a good missionary is to have his spirit with us always, and it seems like we are constantly praying for that. We were also a part of the new MTC picture which is pretty cool because that hasnt been updated in a while, and we made the cutoff, its so insane how many missionaries are here at the MTC now! Its the most it has ever been in all history and I think that its about 4,000!!! So powerful seeing all of us and especially seeing all those 18-22 year old guys singing about their Lord and Savior and knowing that everyone of them sacrificed so much to be worthy to go on a mission and hold the priesthood.

So funny story of the week, we are now teaching 2 lessons a day to investigators in Finnish, and its kind of stressful because we already have no extra time to put these lessons together but I just keep praying really hard to be able to focus hard for shorter periods of time to be able to get these lessons ready. Anyway I was being the investigator after I had taught one of the Sisaret (sisters) and so she accidently messed up her words and instead of saying "Sometimes life is hard" which is "Joskus elämä on väikeä" she said "joskus a LLAMA on väikeä" hahah and I lost it because she said A LLAMA, like the animal, and anyways I was trying so hard to compose myself, and finally when I get myself under control my teacher who was observing starting cracking up, and I lose it again! Hahaha it was so funny and it took a while to get back to being seriously because 1. I was really tired 2.  I kept replaying it in my head.

During gym time which is always at the hottest time of day we play knock out with the elders, and some of our favorite Elders just left to go into the mission field. Its crazy how people come and go in our lives, and all the things that we can learn from people! Anyways it was kind of sad because every week now, more and more of our friends leave and I know we will make more, but its sad because Im probably not going to see any of these people again.

Because we have been here for a month now we are going to step up our SYL days, (that means Speak Your Language) so we technically can only speak Finnish the whole day, until 9:30pm. So we are going to start having SYL days everyother day, and then the week before we leave it is called Mahtava Viikko which means amazing week, we only speak Finnish the whole week. I love this language, and even though I am picking it up pretty good it is still kicking my butt, somedays it feels really discouraging but I know Im on the Lord's work so he has and will keep helping me and that one of these days I will speak Finnish fluently. Also did you know that the other scandinavian countries like sweden and norway have the easiest languages in the world to learn for English speakers? What happened to Finnish? Haha, guess it doesnt matter I truly do love the language and think it is so beautiful.  So my big accomplishment of the week is that I memorized the 1st vision in Finnish, which is impressive because 1. its like 3 times longer in Finnish then English and 2. I dont even know it in English!

Well Im starting to run out of time, but I want to send out a commitment to whoever is reading this to read Mosiah 4. Best scripture chapter of all times, basically is my life long goal of who I want to become and what I need to remember everyday of my life. On wednesday we gave a lesson to our Tutkija (investigator) about this and testified about baptism and asked him to commit and I felt the spirit so strongly when I testified, espeically about Mosiah 4:20, where we will have joy so great from the knowledge of the gospel that we wont have words to say about it, and I know that is true with all my heart I have felt that so many times, where I feel so happy, that I cant even explain how or why. And our investigator said that he wants to but he wants to make sure that he is sure about it, and that he will prepare to be baptized in a month! Which was very exciting for us, and he commited to living the word of wisdom and came to church!

Also another amazing chapter that I love about missionary work is D&C 100, and just inserting my name everytime some one else's name came up made it feel so much more powerful.
Well I love you all and hope this letter finds you well and happy!

Minä rakastan teidän!!
Sisar Hübner

Sisar Hübner with Elder leaving for Baltimore

Elder Poyfair and Sisar Hübner meet again!

a big ´line of sister missionaries on our way back from main campus on P-day

our district with the big world map at the main campus 

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